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    Alexandra Hoeflicker

    Alex is a Tucson-raised, Austin-based brunch aficionado. She enjoys a solid cup of coffee and browsing used record stores.


    Interview Tips for the Tongue-Tied

    By Alexandra Hoeflicker / June 19, 2017

    Job interviews are no walk in the park, and not all interview questions are created equally. Some will be more challenging than others and it may seem like hiring managers are out to trick or stump interviewees. That isn’t usually the case; the process they set up is an opportunity to gain the information they […]


    Competence at Work: Blessing or a Curse?

    By Alexandra Hoeflicker / June 14, 2017

    Are you trotting along or just grazing by?   The riddle of performance management is trying to distinguish individual performance from team performance. Over time, on any team, the stronger people will tend to draw the tougher assignments, the more productive people draw the bigger projects, and the smarter people draw the more complex problems. […]


    Jealous Much? How to Curb Your Career Envy

    By Alexandra Hoeflicker / May 30, 2017

    Professional jealousy has been around since the beginning of human society—the hunters probably envied the gatherers, and the gatherers felt as though the hunters had it made. We all have access to the finest comparison tool in human history: the internet, and it shows us the most glamorous moments of other people’s lives—the promotions, the […]


    5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Change Careers

    By Alexandra Hoeflicker / April 27, 2017

    Your career is a big part of your life, so naturally you want a job that makes you feel fulfilled. However, not everybody is fortunate enough to land in their desired career path from the start. After all, you can’t really know how well you’ll mesh with something until you go out and do it. […]


    How to Handle a Bad Boss Like a Pro

    By Alexandra Hoeflicker / April 3, 2017

    Your job may be rewarding and fulfilling, your coworkers are great, and the company perks couldn’t be better...but, your boss? That's another story.   If you’ve ever had to work with a challenging supervisor before, you already know what a damper it can put on your entire attitude about your career. It colors your whole […]


    Shut Down Negative Self Talk at Work

    By Alexandra Hoeflicker / March 27, 2017

    There’s a lot to be said for having confidence in the workplace, but it isn’t always easy to come by. Unfortunately, that little voice in our heads likes to spew negative and limiting beliefs about ourselves. Whether we realize it or not, these subconscious thoughts can prevent us from reaching our full potential in our […]


    Hold the Door! Get your Foot in at a Company That Isn't Hiring

    By Alexandra Hoeflicker / March 16, 2017

    We all have companies that are on our “wish list.” They’re the employers with mission statements so profound they bring tears to our eyes, have Instagram accounts so beautiful they’re worthy of stalking, and company cultures that seem to speak straight to your heart. All this happens and then you're left with the consuming thoughts […]


    How to Apply for Jobs When You Already Have One

    By Alexandra Hoeflicker / March 14, 2017

    Job hunting when you’re unemployed is one of the most stressful things you'll ever do. You feel pressured to jump on the first opportunity you find just to have a paycheck rolling in. But what if you're job searching while you already have a job? It sounds great in theory, but there are considerable challenges […]


    Handle Your $#!*: How to Control Your Emotions in the Workplace

    By Alexandra Hoeflicker / January 25, 2017

    When a loved one passes away, most employers and colleagues understand it’s going to be a tough time for you. They may be a bit gentler with you, and may understand if you’re not as focused as usual.   When heartbreak strikes through a loss of love, you often experience the same intense feelings and […]


    All Treats and No Tricks: Your Guide to Halloween at Work

    By Alexandra Hoeflicker / October 28, 2016

    You look forward to Halloween all year and then you realize…it’s on a Monday!?   You’ll be wearing your costume to parties all weekend, but the question is: Can I dress up for work? Here are some tips to help you navigate the delicate situation of costumes at work for Halloween (or any other holiday). […]


    Is Lifestyle Inflation Making You Poor?

    By Alexandra Hoeflicker / October 11, 2016

    I recently had a friend in town and we were discussing how life has become so expensive.   We couldn’t believe that it was only a few years ago that you would have spent only half of what you’re spending on an average weekend now. We assume that it’s just that the cities we live […]


    Three Ways You’re Doing Interviews Wrong

    By Alexandra Hoeflicker / September 20, 2016

    A job search can be so draining that getting to the interview stage can feel like success in itself. But that feeling quickly fades when you find out you didn’t get the job.   We know it’s not much consolation, but the more interviews you go on, the better you’ll be at them. Treat each as an […]

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