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    Alexandra Hoeflicker

    Alex is a Tucson-raised, Austin-based brunch aficionado. She enjoys a solid cup of coffee and browsing used record stores.


    Four of the Best Reasons to Call in Sick

    By Alexandra Hoeflicker / September 9, 2016

    With the unemployment rate hovering at 5 percent, "calling in sick" or taking unplanned time off has fallen out of fashion to such an extent that employees are coming to work even when they shouldn't   That's right. There are legitimate reasons to miss work…and some not so legit reasons.   Good reason #1: Contagious illness, such […]


    The 6 Phrases you Should Drop Like a Bad Habit

    By Alexandra Hoeflicker / August 10, 2016

    Think of the last meeting you sat in on. How many times did the presenter say "um..." or "uh..."? If you started counting, then it may have affected your ability to retain any information or key points—more importantly, it could have caused you to think less of the person speaking. It sounds harsh, but it's […]


    Nervous About Negotiating? Here’s How to Get to Yes

    By Alexandra Hoeflicker / July 28, 2016

    Sell me this pen.   Not really, but if you’ve ever attended a seminar on negotiation, this phrase might be familiar. So you can sell a pen, but can you sell YOU?   Whether it’s a raise, more responsibility, learning opportunities, or just a little time off, asking for what you want in the workplace […]


    Work vs. Your Personal Life: How to Keep Everyone Happy

    By Alexandra Hoeflicker / July 28, 2016

    “Don’t go anywhere near Jim’s office today, he’s on a rampage.”   You’ve no doubt heard that, or something similar. The phrase comes up when someone is having a tough time keeping their personal life separate from work. With social media dominating our lives these days – chances are everyone already knows why you’re on […]


    7 Email Mistakes That Make You Look Like an Amateur

    By Alexandra Hoeflicker / July 21, 2016

    So much of what we do at work is done over email, which means that perfecting our email skills is crucial for success in the office. If done wrong, it can make you look like an amateur. If done right, email can be your best friend and WILL make life so much easier.   Here are […]


    5 Ways Pokémon Go is Like Looking for a Job

    By Alexandra Hoeflicker / July 15, 2016

    Catching all 151 creatures on Pokémon Go is a lot like job searching, and you can be successful as long as you’re vigilant and know where to go.   Here’s how the game is like your job search:   1. Searching Pokedex. The app informs players of a Pokémon’s location through the Pokedex, a database that […]


    The Truth About What it’s Like to be an Assistant

    By Alexandra Hoeflicker / July 12, 2016

    One minute you’re making sure your boss is prepped for her meeting with investors, the next you’re sorting through mail and booking travel. You’re definitely not limited to one type of task to keep the office running smoothly.   Who are we talking about? The administrative assistants of the working world.   If I asked […]


    So You got Rejected, Now What?

    By Alexandra Hoeflicker / June 21, 2016

    Face it: No matter how qualified and skilled you are or how well you present yourself at a job interview, you’re not going to get every job you apply for. Sometimes the listing was a mere technicality and the company already knew who it was going to hire long before they held interviews and sometimes […]


    5 Things You Should Never Talk About in the Workplace

    By Alexandra Hoeflicker / June 14, 2016

    Getting along with your coworkers is great—they can be friends in the real world or, at the very least, they can make the 9-5 a little more bearable. But being close with your coworkers doesn’t necessarily make it okay to talk about your crazy weekend over your morning coffee.   Here are five conversations you […]


    How to be a Leader When You're Not the Boss

    By Alexandra Hoeflicker / June 7, 2016

    It’s important to keep your leadership skills sharp even when you don’t have an official “boss” title (yet). You’re likely to go back and forth between management and non-management positions throughout your career and leadership is important for both. The great news is that leadership is not synonymous with being in charge! In fact, when […]


    Stop Doing These 5 Things That Make Meetings Suck

    By Alexandra Hoeflicker / June 1, 2016

    Whether it’s a weekly catch-up session or a daily team huddle, we all have some sort of regular work meeting. But when they become a daily part of your working life, it’s easy to fall into a rut and stop thinking creatively about how to collaborate.   Here are five things to stop doing during your […]


    Calling all Stress Balls: How to be Less Frazzled

    By Alexandra Hoeflicker / May 27, 2016

    Life can be stressful, but have you ever noticed that some people seem to be perpetually calm? Even in the most out-of-control situations, while the rest of us are frazzled and pulling our hair out, they’re the picture of serenity. Turns out, they’ve got a few tricks up their neatly rolled sleeves. Here are five that […]

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