Work Life Balance


Netflix to Inspire You to Kick A** at Work

By Kelly Love Johnson / December 3, 2015

This time of year is great for catching up on your Netflix queue! We have a list of 12 movies and TV shows that just might inspire you to make your next big career move, tap into your creativity, block melodramatic coworkers, or take the leap from corporate America to solo entrepreneur.   9 to […]


Just Say NO: Shortcuts for Work-Life Balance

By Kelly Love Johnson / October 23, 2015

#Work-life balance has been a hot topic (for decades now), since most of us are juggling multiple roles at home #and work. It impacts our job performance (and ultimately, our health and our personal lives). Being burned out isn’t good for anyone. It’s not easy to re-balance an unbalanced work-life situation, but we found a few ideas around […]


No One Cares How Hard You Work

By Kelly Love Johnson / October 5, 2015

Are you suffering from “I’m so #busy” syndrome? There’s real science behind our workaholic tendencies—and we’re not always as busy as we believe we are. Trust us, your boss cares more about your productivity than how busy you appear to be, and your #work-life balance can be seriously impacted when you’re juggling for the sake […]

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