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15 Tweets Too Real for Office Life


It doesn’t matter what kind of “office” you work in, you’ll be able to relate to some (or all) of these tweets about office life. If you've been slacking on Twitter lately, you've missed out. Catch up with us here!


  1. Not because I am looking for work to do, just to let you know I am here. Before I need to be.


2. Every. Damn. Day. This dress is cute, but I can’t wear it to work. I’ll freeze.


3. I hope your Lean Cuisine was worth it, Linda!


4. Just let me tweet…I mean pee in peace!


5. Sh*t just got real in the copy room.


6. Always have a spreadsheet open in case of emergency walk-bys.


7. Everybody at the same time now…


8. Sorry not sorry I watch the news. Apparently, you need to start.


9. Except I am on my 7th cup of the day.


10. Thanks a lot, boss. How am I ever going to fulfill my dream of becoming Beyoncé??


11. How many more weeks until a 3-day weekend? Todd knows.


12. And it’s required to graduate into adulthood.


13. At least until the weekend, when it will rise to 7,589 again (that might be an exaggeration).


14. If you are going to be sick, let me know so I can be sick too.


15. Let me just check on that for you...high possibility of call back tomorrow. Byeeeee!


Last Updated: June 27, 2016
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