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    Alexandra Hoeflicker

    Alex is a Tucson-raised, Austin-based brunch aficionado. She enjoys a solid cup of coffee and browsing used record stores.


    How to Deal with Pesky Peers

    By Alexandra Hoeflicker / April 14, 2016

    While the office can be the perfect place to make new friends, you’re also bound to run into some people and personalities that rub you the wrong way, and you will probably be put in a position where you have to play nice with a not-so-nice colleague. With me experiences in a larger office- the […]


    If the Shoe Fits: How to Know if a Company is Right for You

    By Alexandra Hoeflicker / April 11, 2016

    On paper, the job seemed perfect. The position was completely in line with my background, the responsibilities were right up my alley, and the office had a well-stocked kitchen that would satisfy my every snack craving. Sounds like a dream job, right? There was only one small problem: I simply didn’t mesh with the company culture. They favored a […]


    6 Ways to Spend a Raise on your Future

    By Alexandra Hoeflicker / March 25, 2016

    Congratulations are in order!   After working your tail off you earned a well-deserved raise. Once your boss tells you the good news you have visions of popping expensive bottles of Champagne, but first stop to consider how the extra money can benefit you long term. This is not to say you shouldn’t splurge a […]


    So Long, Farewell, Should You Quit Your Job?

    By Alexandra Hoeflicker / March 24, 2016

    Maybe you want to start your own business, or perhaps you’re hoping to find a different job that leaves you feeling more fulfilled. Whatever the reason, you’re thinking about packing up your workspace, handing in your two weeks’ notice, and bidding adieu to your current job. Quitting your job is a big decision, and it’s not one you […]


    Sticks and Stones: Criticism In and Out of the Workplace

    By Alexandra Hoeflicker / March 7, 2016

    Criticism hurts. It can come from a superior at work or from a stranger on the internet with a keyboard and a loud opinion. It can be about your work, your looks, or even your personality.  It can ruin your whole day and topple your self-esteem for a lifetime. It’s easy to go on the defensive […]


    5 Apps That Will Break Your Post-It Addiction

    By Alexandra Hoeflicker / March 1, 2016

    I am a person who derives deep satisfaction from filing away paperwork and knowing where every scrap of paper belongs. I use highlighters to color code my grocery lists. I take a lot of pride in my organizational skills. And I really, really love Post-Its.   Earlier this year I started wearing more hats at […]

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