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Cally Martin

Callan is a social media loving, blog writing, event planning freelancer who believes in the power of the oxford comma. Originally from America’s high-five (Michigan), she’s been in Austin since 2015 and doesn’t plan on moving anytime soon. When not attached to WiFi, she can be found running around the lake or drinking mimosas at brunch.


33 Career Experts Share Their Best Advice for Your Holiday Job Search

By Cally Martin / November 28, 2016

The holidays can get overwhelming, add in the unemployment factor and they can be downright unbearable. Just because it’s the holiday season that doesn’t mean you should be pausing the pursuit of your dream job!   We asked industry experts for their best advice on revamping your job search tactics (and maintaining positivity) during the […]


The 5 Health Benefits of Thanksgiving Dinner (and Your Career)

By Cally Martin / November 22, 2016

Thanksgiving is a time for family, food, and football. But let’s not forget about your health and well-being!   Here are some of the health benefits of our favorite (traditional) Thanksgiving foods and why they are so crucial to our careers.     Cranberries “…intake of cranberry extracts has shown the ability to improve multiple […]


At Work With Ralph Wakerly, Healthcare Industry Expert

By Cally Martin / November 9, 2016

As President of Wakerly Partners, Inc. and C-Suite Resources, Inc., Ralph Wakerly, has spent the better part of his career helping individuals and companies to achieve success.     After spending years working in large (and small) corporate companies, in 2002 he branched out on his own. Wakerly Partners provides the essential knowledge of success […]


The New Interview Basics Aren’t So Basic

By Cally Martin / November 1, 2016

Standard interview advice can be so basic and repetitive. Firm handshake. Extra copies of your resume. Dress nicely. Smile. But do you want to know what HR and anyone else involved in the hiring process is really thinking?     I’m not in HR, but I am involved in the interview process and it’s completely […]


12 of the Creepiest Jobs That Really Exist

By Cally Martin / October 25, 2016

With Halloween right around the corner ghouls, goblins, and clowns are preparing to scare anyone out collecting sugary loot. We decided to scare up the real-life version of the creepiest jobs people do for a living. And you might be shocked at the (below) average salaries—for some, you couldn’t pay me enough!   Miner - […]


Are You Sure You’re Making the Right Decision?

By Cally Martin / October 24, 2016

And if so, how do you know?   We make an unbelievable amount of decisions every single day. Choosing what to have for lunch, what shoes to wear, whether to take job A or job B, the list is endless for daily choices. Just imagine how many decisions you’ll make during your lifetime.   So […]


13 of the Best TedTalks for Your Career (and Your Life)

By Cally Martin / October 18, 2016

  There are hundreds of TedTalks to sift through that focus on any topic you could think of. I have rounded up the best of the best that will give you career advice, but can also show you how to succeed in your personal life.   Got four minutes? Renowned author, speaker and success analyst Richard St. […]


How to Answer the Toughest Interview Question

By Cally Martin / October 13, 2016

You will find a zillion articles on how to answer tough interview questions, how your body language is interpreted by a hiring manager, and what to wear to your interview. While these tips can be helpful, if you’ve been on the job market for any length of time, you’re probably past the “interview 101” stage. […]


11 Books That Can Take Your Career to the Next Level

By Cally Martin / October 6, 2016

There’s only so much time in a day, and even regular readers tend to lean towards fiction or celebrity tell-alls. When’s the last time you read something that can improve your career? We made it easy for you by gathering a list of the best business books for any industry that can make you a […]


Shout Out to the Customer Service Industry

By Cally Martin / October 4, 2016

Fall is here and that means holiday shopping is right around the corner. (Truth: it’s started already). One of the most difficult jobs you can have is in the customer service industry. If you disagree you’ve probably never worked retail during a holiday season.   I would like to take a moment to recognize the […]


The 3 Career Mistakes You Should Make

By Cally Martin / September 29, 2016

You can find hundreds of articles about what you should and shouldn’t be doing with your career (and life.) They tell you if you make one mistake it will haunt you forever, and if you don’t make that mistake you will be much more successful in your career.   While that might ring true for […]


An Open Letter to the Extraordinarily Average Person

By Cally Martin / September 23, 2016

Every decision you make has the power to affect your life. Immediately or somewhere down the road, every choice you’ve made has made an impact on your life.   I recently read an article from Elle Luna about what to do at the crossroads between should and must. She describes should as what others want you […]

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