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7 Tips to Boost Productivity When Working From Home

By Alexandra Hoeflicker / August 16, 2017

Working from home was once reserved for the writers, artists, and entrepreneurs of the world. Today, it’s much more common, with approximately 3.9 million Americans working from home at least half the time. And, according to a study by the 2017 State of Telecommuting in the U.S. Employee Workforce Report, that number of is growing. […]


How to Overcome Death by To-Do List

By Alexandra Hoeflicker / August 14, 2017

Good morning! Like every day, you sit down with coffee in hand, grab your favorite notepad, begin jotting down a to-do list for the day, and before you know it you’re out of paper. Now, rather than looking at your to-do list as something you use to kick-start your productivity, you feel like it’s only […]


I’m Sorry I’m Late...Again

By Alexandra Hoeflicker / July 27, 2017

Are you constantly running out of the door disheveled with your phone in hand texting “Hey, I’m running a little late?” Do your friends lie and tell you to be somewhere 10 minutes earlier than you’re supposed to be? Does your boss not even bother to look up when you enter meetings late anymore? If […]


Are You Sure You Should Quit? Four Reasons to Stay

By Charles Ebert / July 19, 2017

You might be stuck in a monotonous and boring job. You may also have great opportunities and prospects out there. You might be wondering why you’re holding on to a job that you don’t like. At times, your job is not conducive and nurturing. You may not be well remunerated. Your boss may be a […]


Three Things You Must Do After You Resign

By Cally Martin / May 4, 2017

So you’ve done it! You’ve put in your two weeks notice. You’re happy about your decision and ready for a new challenge, but there’s still one thing to consider. Your current employer. No matter why you’re leaving, they deserve a few things before you leave them with extra work and no direction.   Leaving a […]


Sick of Work or Stuck in a Rut?

By Cally Martin / April 6, 2017

At any job there comes a time when you begin to question what the hell you’re doing. You daydream about leaving at lunch and never coming back, or imagine conversations with your boss that will probably never happen. Eventually, the fallacies begin to feel real. You start making rash decisions, like quitting your job and […]


Serious Student Loans? Jobs That Help Pay Off Your Debt

By Beth Kotz / March 29, 2017

Student loans have been a fixture of the educational system for quite some time now, but recent years have seen their impact balloon to unfairly burdensome proportions. Today's college graduates often find themselves looking down from a mountain of debt all while trying to grow up and secure a job in what remains a bleak […]


Shut Down Negative Self Talk at Work

By Alexandra Hoeflicker / March 27, 2017

There’s a lot to be said for having confidence in the workplace, but it isn’t always easy to come by. Unfortunately, that little voice in our heads likes to spew negative and limiting beliefs about ourselves. Whether we realize it or not, these subconscious thoughts can prevent us from reaching our full potential in our […]


At Work With Lisa Cummings, Leader of Strengths

By Cally Martin / February 14, 2017

Lisa Cummings is the creator of Lead Through Strengths, where she helps people find and leverage their strengths at work specifically, but translates them to their personal lives as well.   She has 20 years of experience and practice in building strengths instead of fixing and filling gaps within yourself. Lisa uses her own strengths […]


Comfortable is the New Lazy in the Workplace

By Kelly Rinehart / February 2, 2017

When you start a new job, you’re probably a little on edge and wary of making sure you’re on point all the time. You can never make a second first impression! But over time you get more comfortable around the office, and sometimes this comfort leads to low productivity. Avoid these common mistakes to keep […]


Handle Your $#!*: How to Control Your Emotions in the Workplace

By Alexandra Hoeflicker / January 25, 2017

When a loved one passes away, most employers and colleagues understand it’s going to be a tough time for you. They may be a bit gentler with you, and may understand if you’re not as focused as usual.   When heartbreak strikes through a loss of love, you often experience the same intense feelings and […]


Cracking the Office Dress Code: What to Wear?

By Kelly Love Johnson / January 10, 2017

Whether you're getting ready to make your first impression in a job interview, or ready to start your first day with offer in hand, it's important to understand the company culture, including its dress code. Depending on your industry, especially if you work in a customer-facing environment, suits and ties or dresses and heels might […]

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