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Learning Leadership: Standing Out from the Crowd

By Kelly Love Johnson / October 16, 2015

“Good #leadership is about the company's success, not your own.” - Anne Mulcahy, former Chairman and CEO of Xerox Corporation Wondering why you’re not getting ahead at work? Or, if you’re just entering the workforce, how can you improve your chances of (1) getting the job you want and (2) moving up the corporate ladder? […]


8 Simple Ways to Climb the Corporate Ladder

By Kelly Love Johnson / October 16, 2015

From the starting block to the finish line, if you want to get ahead at work, we have eight easy tips for you. Whether you’re an entry level employee or middle management shooting for the corner office, these tips will give you a boost as you climb the ladder.   1. Manage your temper. Assertiveness […]


How Do You Empower Your Employees?

By Kelly Love Johnson / October 15, 2015

Micromanagement rarely works. A good manager hires people who are perfectly capable of managing themselves, and lets them do brilliant work. Rather than micromanaging, consider setting up "terms of leadership," for example, ask your team members to send daily or weekly reports via email, ask them to write their own job descriptions every six months, conduct […]


24 Career Lessons from Previous World Cups [in GIFs]

By Jobs2Careers Data / June 12, 2014

With today’s kickoff of the world’s most popular sporting event, the 2014 FIFA World Cup, we consider some of the careers lessons we’ve learned over the years: 1. Sometimes, Lady Luck will be on your side…   2. And sometimes, she won’t. Either way, you can never stop trying.   3. This guy doesn’t get the […]


Resolution Check-up: Are you staying on track?

By Jobs2Careers Data / January 16, 2014

It’s easy to feel motivated at the beginning of the year. But even as early as two weeks in, New Year’s resolutions can be long forgotten. We’ve already given you career resolutions for 2014. Now these tips will help you stay on track to accomplish them. 1. Prioritize and narrow your focus. No one can achieve all of his […]


Watching HBO’s “Girls” Is Good for Your Career

By Jobs2Careers Data / January 10, 2014

If you’re one of the 6 million weekly viewers that tuned in for season 2 of HBO’s Girls, you’re probably pretty pumped about season three’s two-part premiere this Sunday, January 12, 10:00-11:00 pm EST – and equally excited that season 4 was just ordered! Beyond getting your quirky Adam fix or discovering what rash decision Jessa will make […]


2014 New Year’s Resolutions for Your Career

By Jobs2Careers Data / January 1, 2014

We’ve heard them all before – stop smoking, lose weight, save money, try extreme ironing. They’re New Year’s Resolutions and, unless you’re one of the 8% of Americans who actually keep them, you’re probably “over it” already… and the New Year just arrived! Have no fear – These New Year resolutions for your career are easy and […]

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