The One Thing That Guarantees You Will NEVER Get the Job

By Kelly Love Johnson / January 26, 2016

There are so many tips and pieces of advice out there for slam dunking a job interview, you could spend hours combing the internet looking for that "one best" bit of wisdom that will give you the edge on the bajillion other candidates applying for the same position that you want. Your dream job. You polished […]


Not Sure What to Wear to an Interview? (Infographic)

By Stephanie Gray / January 22, 2016

We created this handy infographic to help you decide. Add a fresh hair cut (and style), a tidy manicure, a few extra copies of your resume in a nice folder, and you're ready for your job interview!


One Reason Why Employers Aren't Calling You Back

By Kelly Love Johnson / January 18, 2016

It might not be YOU; it might be your brain.   Employers and hiring managers aren't just looking for smart people these days. They're also looking for "emotional intelligence," or the soft skills that make you great at working with other people. It's why we have empathy, motivation, social skills, and self-awareness—and some people are just […]


Stress Less and Ace Your Next Interview

By Cally Martin / January 14, 2016

Unless you went into the family business or lucked into a sure thing at a company, odds are you have been through some sort of interview process. It can be daunting and nerve-wracking, but being prepared will help ease your nerves.   There are many types of interviews, so what are some of the best […]


Finding "Company Right"

By Kelly Love Johnson / November 20, 2015

Time to rethink your #interview strategy? Job openings in the U.S. climbed in September to the second-highest on record, a sign the labor market continues to strengthen. The economy is recovering and the job market hasn’t been this good since 2000, which means it’s a candidate’s market—employers are having a harder time finding the right […]


Three Ways to Improve Your Interview Game

By Kelly Love Johnson / October 22, 2015

Whether you’re a recent college graduate, in college and trying to decide your career path, unhappy with your current job and exploring your options, or out of work and searching, there are a few easy things you can do at the #interview stage to give yourself an edge in a competitive job market. Interview potential […]


So You Got the Interview. Now What?

By Kelly Love Johnson / October 16, 2015

You've done the hard work of searching for a job, applying online with a stellar #resume and cover letter—and you just scored an #interview. It's normal to be nervous! Remember that it's a job seeker's market and you're interviewing the company just as much as they are you. Having as many questions for your interviewer as […]


How to talk about your desired salary

By Jobs2Careers Data / April 3, 2014

As uncomfortable as this question may make you feel, you can count on it coming up whether you’re filling out an application or going to an interview, so it’s best to be prepared. What are your salary expectations? On applications, do not leave this field blank, as some hiring managers won’t even consider you for […]


How to answer “Tell me about yourself” in an interview.

By Jobs2Careers Data / March 5, 2014

Although one of the most dreaded interview questions, unfortunately, “tell me about yourself” is not only the most common interview question, but also typically the first one asked during an interview. Your answer will likely set the tone for the rest of the interview.   “Tell me about yourself.” Did you tell your entire life […]

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