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Work vs. Your Personal Life: How to Keep Everyone Happy

By Alexandra Hoeflicker / July 28, 2016

“Don’t go anywhere near Jim’s office today, he’s on a rampage.”   You’ve no doubt heard that, or something similar. The phrase comes up when someone is having a tough time keeping their personal life separate from work. With social media dominating our lives these days – chances are everyone already knows why you’re on […]


7 Email Mistakes That Make You Look Like an Amateur

By Alexandra Hoeflicker / July 21, 2016

So much of what we do at work is done over email, which means that perfecting our email skills is crucial for success in the office. If done wrong, it can make you look like an amateur. If done right, email can be your best friend and WILL make life so much easier.   Here are […]


Just How Busy Are You, Really?

By Cally Martin / July 19, 2016

Or are you just addicted to the feeling of being busy?   In a world where technology makes it simple to work outside of the office, it seems like everyone is constantly working. Parks, coffee shops, restaurants…full of people furiously tapping away on their laptops. It makes me question whether, in this wired generation, are […]


How to Make Returning From Vacation Suck Less

By Cally Martin / June 30, 2016

Vacations are great, coming back from them isn’t. Here’s how you can plan ahead to make your return to work not that terrible.   Whether you’re out for a long weekend or an extended vacation, you’re more than likely going to miss a meeting, a deadline, a whole lot of emails, or maybe you’ll just […]


15 Tweets Too Real for Office Life

By Cally Martin / June 27, 2016

It doesn’t matter what kind of “office” you work in, you’ll be able to relate to some (or all) of these tweets about office life. If you’ve been slacking on Twitter lately, you’ve missed out. Catch up with us here!   Not because I am looking for work to do, just to let you know […]


Quitters Never Win and Winners Never Quit

By Cally Martin / June 23, 2016

However, if you haven’t felt the urge to quit, you’re doing life wrong.   I’m not talking about celebrities who are all, “woe is me I’m famous and people take pictures of me all the time, I wish I had a normal life. I’m quitting.” I’m talking about that band playing shows with five people […]


5 Things You Should Never Talk About in the Workplace

By Alexandra Hoeflicker / June 14, 2016

Getting along with your coworkers is great—they can be friends in the real world or, at the very least, they can make the 9-5 a little more bearable. But being close with your coworkers doesn’t necessarily make it okay to talk about your crazy weekend over your morning coffee.   Here are five conversations you […]


10 People Doing a Better Job than You

By Cally Martin / June 7, 2016

You know that ecard that perfectly sums up our lives when we feel overwhelmed with life? If you don’t know which one I’m talking about, here it is:   Credit:   We all have those days. I was searching for the best places to sneak in a nap without being noticed, but ended up […]


Stop Doing These 5 Things That Make Meetings Suck

By Alexandra Hoeflicker / June 1, 2016

Whether it’s a weekly catch-up session or a daily team huddle, we all have some sort of regular work meeting. But when they become a daily part of your working life, it’s easy to fall into a rut and stop thinking creatively about how to collaborate.   Here are five things to stop doing during your […]


Calling all Stress Balls: How to be Less Frazzled

By Alexandra Hoeflicker / May 27, 2016

Life can be stressful, but have you ever noticed that some people seem to be perpetually calm? Even in the most out-of-control situations, while the rest of us are frazzled and pulling our hair out, they’re the picture of serenity. Turns out, they’ve got a few tricks up their neatly rolled sleeves. Here are five that […]


6 Tips to Strengthen Your Relationship with Your Boss

By Alexandra Hoeflicker / May 26, 2016

Like it or not, your boss plays an important role in your professional life and if you want to continue to climb the corporate ladder and develop your career, your boss’s opinion matters. Not to mention, when you spend so much time working with someone, it’s only natural to crave a decent rapport between the two […]


5 Ways to Overcome a Confidence Fail at Work

By Samantha Smith / May 20, 2016

Even if you love what you do, and you KNOW you’re great at it, everyone has a bad day at work from time to time. A call with an angry client, a boss with unrealistic expectations, or a passive-aggressive coworker…these work pitfalls not only derail your day, but they can even make you question your […]

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