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Your Second Home: 10 Ways to Upgrade Your Cubicle

By Cally Martin / October 21, 2015

(Featured image from Flip It) You probably spend 40 hours (or more) a week working in a cube farm, but it doesn’t mean your work-space has to be sterile and soulless. We found a few things to improve your home sweet cubicle.   A Sit That Fits For those of us who endure sitting for […]


Can't We All Just Get Along?

By Kelly Love Johnson / October 16, 2015

Letting go of #conflict and moving forward is key to maintaining professional relationships, but is easier said than done. Most of us have been in situations where we were underappreciated, on the receiving end of less-than-constructive criticism, or outright bullied at work (if you haven’t been there yet, consider yourself lucky). Just because you’re stuck […]


Handling Personality Conflicts at Work

By Kelly Love Johnson / October 14, 2015

Nothing is more frustrating than butting heads with a coworker. It's counterproductive, exhausting, and bad for morale all around. It's important to be able to adapt to working with different personality styles—and to be able to manage the difficult ones. Engaging in #conflict at work, whether you're baited or not, can reflect negatively on you […]


No One Cares How Hard You Work

By Kelly Love Johnson / October 5, 2015

Are you suffering from "I'm so #busy" syndrome? There's real science behind our workaholic tendencies—and we're not always as busy as we believe we are. Trust us, your boss cares more about your productivity than how busy you appear to be, and your #work-life balance can be seriously impacted when you're juggling for the sake […]

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