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5 Careers That Will Give You a Salary Boost if You Have an MBA

By Dave Landry / January 20, 2017

Is an MBA worth it? If you want a boost in salary and more job opportunities, it most certainly is.   According to the 2015 Graduate Management Admission Council survey, “The median starting salary expected in 2015 for recent MBA graduates in the United States is $100,000.”   The 2015 survey also noted that 84% […]


How to Nail Perfect Grammar Even if You Slept Through Grade School

By Cally Martin / December 30, 2016

Don’t end a sentence with a preposition…   Between the deep dark of the internet and the screenshots your friends take, nothing is ever forgotten. Especially the improper use of the English language.   We all know someone (and if you’re lucky, it’s you) who has impeccable grammar and spelling skills, but they abuse their […]


36 Top Experts on the Best Career Resolutions for 2017

By Cally Martin / December 21, 2016

Every year we make New Year’s resolutions like “eat healthy” and “run five miles a week” and “volunteer,” things that are usually manageable until the middle of February. Wouldn’t it be great if they made it through the entire year!?   This year, instead of trying to make it to the gym every day, consider […]


Letting Go: The Only Way to Feel Successful in Life

By Cally Martin / December 15, 2016

Like all millennials, I had a mid-twenties crisis after graduation when my life plan fell apart (not to be dramatic or anything.) I ate a lot of cheesecake and ran a half marathon—and guess what? It didn’t help. Everyone said something similar to “it’ll all work out” and I was not having it. But I […]


You Don’t Quit Your Job—You Quit Your Boss

By James Innes / November 22, 2016

A Gallup poll released last year in America found that 50% of respondents had quit their jobs to get away from a bad manager. Most people will, at some time, find themselves working for a difficult boss, although they can come in many forms—bullies, poor communicators, bad planners and organizers, or simply incompetent.   While […]


Are You Sure You’re Making the Right Decision?

By Cally Martin / October 24, 2016

And if so, how do you know?   We make an unbelievable amount of decisions every single day. Choosing what to have for lunch, what shoes to wear, whether to take job A or job B, the list is endless for daily choices. Just imagine how many decisions you’ll make during your lifetime.   So […]


13 of the Best TedTalks for Your Career (and Your Life)

By Cally Martin / October 18, 2016

  There are hundreds of TedTalks to sift through that focus on any topic you could think of. I have rounded up the best of the best that will give you career advice, but can also show you how to succeed in your personal life.   Got four minutes? Renowned author, speaker and success analyst Richard St. […]


11 Books That Can Take Your Career to the Next Level

By Cally Martin / October 6, 2016

There’s only so much time in a day, and even regular readers tend to lean towards fiction or celebrity tell-alls. When’s the last time you read something that can improve your career? We made it easy for you by gathering a list of the best business books for any industry that can make you a […]


An Open Letter to the Extraordinarily Average Person

By Cally Martin / September 23, 2016

Every decision you make has the power to affect your life. Immediately or somewhere down the road, every choice you’ve made has made an impact on your life.   I recently read an article from Elle Luna about what to do at the crossroads between should and must. She describes should as what others want you […]


Four of the Best Reasons to Call in Sick

By Alexandra Hoeflicker / September 9, 2016

With the unemployment rate hovering at 5 percent, “calling in sick” or taking unplanned time off has fallen out of fashion to such an extent that employees are coming to work even when they shouldn’t   That’s right. There are legitimate reasons to miss work…and some not so legit reasons.   Good reason #1: Contagious illness, such […]


The 6 Phrases you Should Drop Like a Bad Habit

By Alexandra Hoeflicker / August 10, 2016

Think of the last meeting you sat in on. How many times did the presenter say “um…” or “uh…”? If you started counting, then it may have affected your ability to retain any information or key points—more importantly, it could have caused you to think less of the person speaking. It sounds harsh, but it’s […]

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