You Don’t Quit Your Job—You Quit Your Boss

By James Innes / November 22, 2016

A Gallup poll released last year in America found that 50% of respondents had quit their jobs to get away from a bad manager. Most people will, at some time, find themselves working for a difficult boss, although they can come in many forms—bullies, poor communicators, bad planners and organizers, or simply incompetent.   While […]


7 Signs You’re Better at Your Job Than You Think

By Cally Martin / June 15, 2016

Whether you believe in imposter syndrome or not, there is always a time in your career where you look around and think, “I have no clue what I am doing.”   None of us do. We simply fake it until we make it.   You’re doing just fine. And here’s proof:   You care. About […]


How to be a Leader When You’re Not the Boss

By Alexandra Hoeflicker / June 7, 2016

It’s important to keep your leadership skills sharp even when you don’t have an official “boss” title (yet). You’re likely to go back and forth between management and non-management positions throughout your career and leadership is important for both. The great news is that leadership is not synonymous with being in charge! In fact, when […]


How to Work Like a Boss (Even When You’re Not)

By Kelly Love Johnson / February 4, 2016

Acting like the boss you want to work for is the best advice for working your way up the ladder (or if you want to stay in the same job and make more money). Not only are you setting an example for your own boss, but you’re also giving coworkers an idea of what you’d […]


Faking it: Nobody Knows What The Hell Is Going On

By Cally Martin / January 7, 2016

Have you ever sidled up to a Pac-Man game and seen the demo playing and started moving the joystick, and the little guys continue to eat up the ghosts and you keep moving the stick like you’re helping? Yeah, that’s kind of like life.     Starting a new job, or taking on new responsibilities, […]


Learning Leadership: Standing Out from the Crowd

By Kelly Love Johnson / October 16, 2015

“Good #leadership is about the company’s success, not your own.” – Anne Mulcahy, former Chairman and CEO of Xerox Corporation Wondering why you’re not getting ahead at work? Or, if you’re just entering the workforce, how can you improve your chances of (1) getting the job you want and (2) moving up the corporate ladder? […]