How to Handle a Bad Boss Like a Pro

By Alexandra Hoeflicker / April 3, 2017

Your job may be rewarding and fulfilling, your coworkers are great, and the company perks couldn’t be better…but, your boss? That’s another story.   If you’ve ever had to work with a challenging supervisor before, you already know what a damper it can put on your entire attitude about your career. It colors your whole […]


10 Tips to Help You Move Up to an Executive Position

By Jessica Holbrook Hernandez / March 23, 2017

The importance of being happy in your career and feeling a sense of satisfaction can never be overstated. Everyone deserves to love what they do, find their calling, and fulfill their purpose. My goal is to encourage each of my clients to be inspired and excited to go to work every day. If moving up […]


The Truth About What it’s Like to be an Assistant

By Alexandra Hoeflicker / July 12, 2016

One minute you’re making sure your boss is prepped for her meeting with investors, the next you’re sorting through mail and booking travel. You’re definitely not limited to one type of task to keep the office running smoothly.   Who are we talking about? The administrative assistants of the working world.   If I asked […]


We’re Human Too (and 8 Other Things Your Boss Won’t Tell You)

By Cally Martin / February 12, 2016

Whether they’re new or a veteran manager, any boss can lose perspective of what it’s like for their employees. They’re exposed to new information and their priority becomes the greater good of the company. Whether your boss is a nightmare or dream, understanding their perspective can immensely help your relationship.   If you’re thinking “mind […]


How Do You Empower Your Employees?

By Kelly Love Johnson / October 15, 2015

Micromanagement rarely works. A good manager hires people who are perfectly capable of managing themselves, and lets them do brilliant work. Rather than micromanaging, consider setting up “terms of leadership,” for example, ask your team members to send daily or weekly reports via email, ask them to write their own job descriptions every six months, conduct […]