We All Have Dreams, Sometimes They’re Hashtags

quit your job in five words

You know those days where you forget about all your financial responsibilities and quit your job a thousand times over in your head? You’re not alone. We’ve all done it.


Well here is your chance to tell everyone why: in five words. The “#QuitYourJobInFiveWords” (Alternately #QuitYourJobsIn5Words) has been trending on Twitter for a few weeks now and we just can’t get enough!


We are definitely NOT suggesting you should get too personal or burn bridges before (or after) leaving a company, as it might make for an awkward encounter when you have to contact them for a reference. But scrolling through to find that thousands of people feel the same way you do is pretty satisfying.


Here are some of our favorites (so far…we think this one is probably going to last for a while):



Have any good ones? Feel free to share your five words in the comments!!

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Cally Martin

Cally is the Marketing Specialist, social media lover, blog writing boss, and event planner extraordinaire at Jobs2Careers. She will definitely ask to pet your dog, try to convince you to run a 5K because three miles “isn’t that bad", and will always say yes to a mimosa brunch.