Sick of Work or Stuck in a Rut?

By Cally Martin / April 6, 2017
sick of work stuck in a rut

At any job there comes a time when you begin to question what the hell you’re doing. You daydream about leaving at lunch and never coming back, or imagine conversations with your boss that will probably never happen. Eventually, the fallacies begin to feel real. You start making rash decisions, like quitting your job and traveling the world.


I’m not here to tell you not to go, but, instead, what you may need is something you can find exactly where you are. A new perspective.


The majority of us get stuck in the routine of life. Wake up. Work. Repeat. Living for the weekend and dreading Monday. Before you start packing up your desk, try shaking it up without flying across the world.


If you need…

…to be more challenged at work or are experiencing burnout in your current role, set up a meeting to discuss it with your manager. What many employees don’t realize is that managers want exactly what you want. They want you to be happy, producing quality work, but they can’t read your mind.


Don’t be afraid to make yourself very clear about your wants and needs. Work together to create a project that will allow you to get out of your working rut and will also solve an unresolved issue for your manager (or company).


If you want…

…to go on an adventure, or are sick of sitting in an office all day, why not use your PTO more frequently? With a growing number of companies understanding that employees need to experience more outside of work, the number of PTO days have increased. So instead of saving up for one big trip a year, try planning out a few days off each month.


Burnout starts as something small you can overlook, but over time it eats away at your motivation and the quality of work you’re producing. Before that starts, schedule a day off! (I like to call them “mental health days”). Take a broad look at your work schedule and strategically work in a day off after a big project or meeting is over. During that day off try something you’ve been wanting to do, like explore your city in a way you might not usually get to on a weekend.


If you can’t use more PTO days, use your weekends to the fullest. Spend the weekend visiting a city near you (day trips!), turn off your work emails, and treat yourself to a something you’ve had on your bucket list for a while.


And if all else fails…

…you might need to get out your passport or start searching for new job opportunities. If after exhausting your options to make a new challenge work and exploring every inch of your city you still feel unsettled, you’re ready to pack your bags—figuratively, and literally.  


Sometimes it’s not personal about your job or company; you’ve just outgrown your role and no longer have a place on the team. Make time to have a professional conversation with your manager so they, too, can understand how you’re feeling and why it’s time for you to move on.


Every good motivational meme tells you to find what you love and pursue it and as corny as it is, it’s true. If the time comes when you question your every decision, remember to try changing your perspective before changing your zip code.

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Cally Martin

Cally is the Marketing Specialist, social media lover, blog writing boss, and event planner extraordinaire at Jobs2Careers. She will definitely ask to pet your dog, try to convince you to run a 5K because three miles “isn’t that bad", and will always say yes to a mimosa brunch.