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12 of the Creepiest Jobs That Really Exist


With Halloween right around the corner ghouls, goblins, and clowns are preparing to scare anyone out collecting sugary loot. We decided to scare up the real-life version of the creepiest jobs people do for a living. And you might be shocked at the (below) average salaries—for some, you couldn’t pay me enough!



Miner - $58,532

Confined, dark spaces and rocks threatening to collapse around you doesn’t sound like an ideal office environment.


forensic scientist creepiest

Forensic Scientist Technician - $56,320

With one of the higher salaries on the list, forensics is probably one of the highest stress-level jobs you could have. You have the potential to send someone to prison, or save them.


crab fisherman creepiest

Alaskan Crab Fisherman - $27,340

Freezing cold water and a rocking boat? Nope! And with that salary, there are many other options on this list to consider before jetting off on an Alaskan adventure.


field epidemic creepiest

Field Epidemiologists - $69,450

Coming in as the highest paid on the list, they’re definitely worth every penny. How would you like to be the one in the field with Cholera, Anthrax, West Nile, or Ebola all around you?


haz-mat tech creepiest

Hazardous Materials Technician - $39,690

They do get the prize for coolest work uniform, but being the people to call when cleanup is needed, not so cool.


bomb squad creepiest

Bomb Squad Technician - $50,000

Dealing with situations that could potentially (and quite literally) blow up in your face deserves a lot more than runner-up in the best work uniform race. Also, way underpaid.


diver creepiest

Diver - $50,470

There’s a huge difference between swimming with sharks on vacation and diving as a profession. There is no cage and you’re at a complete disadvantage being in their underwater turf.


cryopreservation creepiest

Cryonics Technician - $40,465*

Because of medical advancements, Cryonic Techs will soon become an in-demand career. It costs customers up to $200,000, so you would think these techs would be paid a lot more.


crime scene cleaner creepiest

CTS Decon Technician - $37,440

The only thing worse than having to investigate crime scenes would be to clean them up. I can’t imagine some of the stories Crime Scene Cleaners could tell.


Entomologist creepiest

Forensic Entomologist - $47,740

Entomology is the study of insects. So I guess if you’re going to study bugs, this is the way to go if you don’t mind dead bodies.


steeplejack creepiest

Steeplejack - $50,490**

In case you didn’t know steeples are often an entirely separate piece of a structure. And there are people who work to install and repair them. Not much surface area to stand on up there.


clinical trials creepiest

Clinical Trial Subject - Varies

Have you ever read the potential side-effects on prescriptions? Well someone has to be the one to discover those. If you haven’t read one before (sorry, spoiler), they all end with a risk of death.


They might not be ideal fields of work, but someone has to do them! If this doesn’t make you appreciate your job more, I don’t know what will.



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*based on Embalmer Salary

**based on Structural Iron and Steel Workers Salary

Last Updated: October 25, 2016
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