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Gur Tsabar

"I have just one goal in life: to help people authentically express themselves through their jobs and careers." Gur Tsabar publishes the Our Authentic Careers podcast for anyone who feels stuck or trapped in their job; or who might otherwise be struggling to find the motivation and inspiration in their path.


The One Career Question You Should Probably Stop Asking Yourself

By Gur Tsabar / June 3, 2016

What if, in our struggles to find our most authentic careers, we’ve been asking ourselves the wrong soul-searching question all this time? Instead of always wondering what it is we can possibly do to be helpful to others; should we instead be asking ourselves: how are we already helpful to others?   Because there’s a meaningful difference between these two questions: how can […]


Struggling to Find Your Purpose? You Might Be Trying Too Hard

By Gur Tsabar / May 26, 2016

  What if we just need to be able to recognize something very simple and basic about ourselves? And that is: how it is we express ourselves in the world at our most core and visceral level. Or put another way: what’s that one thing you do in life no matter what?   For example, if I was to […]