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Mark Anthony Dyson

Mark Anthony Dyson is a career consultant, job seeker advocate, career writer, and founder of The Voice of Job Seekers. He helps the employed, unemployed, underemployed, and under-appreciated find jobs. Mark has published more than 400 articles on his blog as well as some of the largest career sites such as Recruiter.com, YouTern, and Come Recommended.


Why Strength and Power Training is Similar to Your Job Search

By Mark Anthony Dyson / September 6, 2017

People don't like heavy lifting or soreness when it comes to physical training. As a former personal trainer, few people are willing to buy into the commitment it takes to achieve their goals. It takes resilience, grit, and grind to be consistent, in the areas of diet, self-control, and exercise. All three have to be […]


5 Elements of a Useful Job Search Blog in 2017

By Mark Anthony Dyson / August 2, 2017

Blogs are powerful tools for getting noticed before or during a job search. Many job seekers see it as more than just a passive way to reach employers. People find value in all forms of content. If it educates, trains, or informs, then it's useful. If it positions you as an expert in your field, […]


How to Create Realistic Expectations During Your Job Search

By Mark Anthony Dyson / July 18, 2017

Your job search needs to be dynamic, but based on realistic expectations. We envy those who make it look easy. I liken it to getting and staying married. When I met my wife, it wasn't "love at first sight."   Are you ready for an emotional ride of sorts? Are you willing to employ grit […]


Be a Consultant, Not a Job Seeker or a Novice

By Mark Anthony Dyson / July 10, 2017

If you were unemployed and a LinkedIn user in 2008, you likely heard the advice to list your latest job as a self-employed consultant. This way, lurking employers would consider you as a potential candidate and you could avoid the (often unintentional bias) of being labeled “unemployed.” Although it wasn't a foolproof or completely viable […]


11 Uncomfortable Ways to Hit a Home Run in Your Job Search

By Mark Anthony Dyson / June 29, 2017

You will fall behind the competition if you don't stand out in today's job search. For example, I know promoting myself makes me feel squirmy, a little dirty, and even a little wordy. But no one is the best advocate for my business than me. It's likely it's the same for your job search.   […]


This Document is as Useful as a Resume (Maybe More)

By Mark Anthony Dyson / June 16, 2017

I talk to job seekers regularly who only depend on a few methods to find jobs. I find it interesting they prefer to rely on processes that could exclude them (uploading a resume without the right keywords, for example) rather than differentiate themselves based on their unique experience (in person). Networking still works, or people […]


Your New Degree is Not a Golden Ticket for Your Job Search

By Mark Anthony Dyson / May 18, 2017

Taking more medication than you need is similar to over education. More isn't better; it takes time, and correct application to work, and what doesn't kill you makes you regretful. Or is over-educating a thing? There are a career pros who will attest to its reality.     Yep. Since new grads young and old […]


5 Ways to Master the Interview Before Your Job Search

By Mark Anthony Dyson / April 24, 2017

More than ever, job seekers must be proficient at interviewing. In fact, it's likely every networking opportunity is an essential job conversation. It may be the interaction to decide your next step, so you want to be interview ready.   The interview process is no longer a one and done meeting.  In Lavie Margolin's latest […]


What to do When Your Job Search is "Code Blue?"

By Mark Anthony Dyson / March 21, 2017

When you're at a hospital and you the overhead speaker blares "Code Blue," do your thoughts automatically go to the patient and his or her family? If you're not familiar with that announcement, it means someone's the heart rate is at zero and CPR is being performed.   Your family, friends, mentors, professors and others […]


Seven Job Tips from Your 2020 Self

By Mark Anthony Dyson / January 4, 2017

Grit and grind will always matter in the job search as much as having adequate hard and soft skills. But hard work in years to come will look much different as a does today. Partly due to how job seekers will market present themselves to the world long before a single employer is interested.   […]


5 Reasons to Unfollow Career Obstructing Friends

By Mark Anthony Dyson / December 1, 2016

Guilt by association on social media is a reality. If you're associated with someone or some belief that doesn't represent you can be a pretty painful experience. You may have to cut them loose.   “It's them, not me” might work if you're an innocent bystander of a crime, but being tagged on Facebook, or […]


6 Career Regrets You'll Have at 40 (But You Should Be Thankful For)

By Mark Anthony Dyson / November 1, 2016

Not all career decisions end up being amusing stories we can tell later even if things turned out OK. We often lack foresight and insight when we’re in our early 20s. There are times our "yes" should have been "no"—and vice versa.   Setting career strategies and goals are not easy. Yes, we want to […]