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Natalya Khaykis

Natalya is a writer and analyst at ZipJob. She graduated from NYU with a masters and currently resides in New York City. She covers topics related to resume writing and job search. In her free time you'll find Natalya attempting to cook an edible meal, reading and spending time with her husband.


7 Things You Should Never Include on a Resume

By Natalya Khaykis / May 9, 2017

Let’s face it, very few people really enjoy writing a resume. A quick web search on “how to write a resume” brings up tons of articles that often contradict each other when it comes to “best practices.” What do you include on a resume? What’s outdated and better left off? Well, we’re going to make […]


Five Tips for Landing an Entry-Level Job

By Natalya Khaykis / February 1, 2017

The search for an entry-level position is very competitive. New job seekers, recent grads, and people changing careers means that there could be hundreds of resumes sent for a single opening. Simply sending out your resume to different job postings is not an efficient or effective way to land an interview.   So how do […]


5 Tips to Get Your Resume Past an ATS

By Natalya Khaykis / December 15, 2016

Job hunting has really evolved with the advance of recruiting technology. Employers no longer sift through tons of resumes to find potential candidates as the process is time consuming, inefficient and expensive. The solution to this is an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) which uses software to scan resumes before they’re ever seen by an employer. […]