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    Travis Brown

    Travis is a digital marketer and strategist with Jobs2Careers. He's been in and around the tech industry for many years, and has also been a small business owner, web developer, and even a firearms instructor. When he's not at work, you can usually find him knee-deep, working on sports cars, building websites, at the shooting range, or trolling people online.


    Programmers: 3 Reasons to Learn Golang Programming

    By Travis Brown / May 18, 2016

    First off, the Go programming language probably wins the "Goofiest Programming Mascot" award of the year, by far. What is Golang, though? A lot of programmers may have seen passing reference to the language, off and on for the past 7 years, but may not have given it much thought. After all, there are usually […]


    Real Talk: Overtime Pay Rules. Are We Being Ruled?

    By Travis Brown / May 18, 2016

    So, the Department of Labor just issued new overtime pay rules, meaning more money in your pockets! Maybe. Rules. Funny word. We've been hearing that word a lot lately. Though, who issues rules?  Some might say, a ruler. You might want to think about that for a bit. That's my opinion, at least. To each […]


    Real Talk: Thinking Like a Victim Guarantees Failure

    By Travis Brown / April 15, 2016

      Slaying Sacred Cows   I'm going to hurt some feelings, but stick with me on this, as I have your best interests in mind and I want to see you succeed.   Wage gaps. Gender and racial discrimination in the workplace. These are some of the many things we're inundated with in the media, […]


    Lock it Down: Facebook Security For Paranoid Job Seekers

    By Travis Brown / April 12, 2016

    Paranoid much? I might be too if my FB profile pic was rocking a shower cap like Chris Pratt! In all seriousness though, you kind of have to be these days. With ever-changing privacy policies and security settings on most of the popular social platforms (Facebook especially), there is a whole lot of publicly available information […]


    Helping Heroes: A Burger and a Shake a Day

    By Travis Brown / February 26, 2016

    Bobby Henline has a dream. He's already overcome a lot of significant obstacles in his life. As a US Army veteran of multiple wars, Bobby was seriously injured by an IED in Iraq back in 2007. Although the road to recovery has been a long one, and undoubtedly a tough one, he's met those challenges […]


    3 Reasons "Snowflakes" Lack Grit & Determination

    By Travis Brown / January 12, 2016

    3 Reasons "Snowflakes" Lack Grit & Determination   Of course, Booker T. Washington's quote is assuming you weren't the lucky winner of the, as of now, $1.4 BILLION Powerball.  For the rest of us, our success is usually determined by the amount of effort, self-improvement, and ingenuity we're willing to expend to reach our goals.  What is unfortunate […]


    3 Reasons For Veterans to Consider The Financial Services Industry

    By Travis Brown / December 29, 2015

    Whether you're active duty, long since discharged, in the process of being discharged, or simply going on IRR status, inevitably the question always comes up, "What do I do after this?"  The transition from the service to civilian life is often a harsh one, and easy for a lot of vets to become downright lost […]


    Success isn't born. It is grown.

    By Travis Brown / November 24, 2015

    Are people born successful? The scientific answer is unequivocally NO. People may be born into success as the result of the past success of their families, but individuals themselves are not born successful. The simple answer is, success is a matter of habit, repetition, and putting in WORK. It really is that simple.   We'd […]


    Veterans Day 2015

    By Travis Brown / November 11, 2015

    This Veterans Day, take a moment to be thankful for those that have served.  They are our husbands, our wives, sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, parents, grandparents...they are US.  As the traditional "thank you for your service" line is sometimes awkward for service members, consider simply giving a heartfelt hug, a solid handshake, and let them […]