Revenge of the Internet: Dealing with an Outage


Living in a technology-driven world, we are so reliant on having internet access. When it fails, you aren’t sure how exactly to go about your life, let alone your job. This recently happened to us here at Jobs2Careers and as I watched everything unravel it got me thinking. How did we survive before internet?


We had to communicate face to face.









We had to write with pen and paper.

pretending to write


We had to make up our own games. (Hello Pictionary and Charades!)

jimmy fallon charades


We drew abstract lines in paint and bucket-filled the spaces with different colors. Also Minesweeper. (via Instagram)

windows 95 games


Before the internet took over, it was a much simpler time for me. I had no financial responsibilities and my biggest concern was getting home to watch TRL (If this was before your time, you really missed out!).


But as I watched some members of our team frantically search for a solution and others taking advantage of the outage by working on anything offline they previously put off (and some just working on a tan outside), I wondered what it would be like to work without the always-on internet.


Keep in mind we are a tech company, so everything we do is online or on the phone. Internet down = Downageddon and pretty much everyone freaks out until it’s over. Let’s all take a few deep breaths, accept the outage as a sign that you need a break, and here are a few ways to maximize your productivity the next time your office internet goes down.


Brainstorm solutions with the frantic coworkers

think winnie the pooh


Enhance your ping-pong skills

ping pong fail


Use a hotspot



Learn more about your coworkers

workaholics friendship


Whether you are offline for five minutes or an entire afternoon, there is always something somewhere around the office for you do. You will just have to use your brain instead of Google to search for it. How do you stay productive at work when your internet is down?


Last Updated: March 21, 2016
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