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10 People Doing a Better Job than You


You know that ecard that perfectly sums up our lives when we feel overwhelmed with life? If you don’t know which one I’m talking about, here it is:


so much to do nap instead

Credit: SomeEcards.com


We all have those days. I was searching for the best places to sneak in a nap without being noticed, but ended up falling into the internet on Giphy.com instead.


And what I found was inspiring, once I got past the puppies. There are thousands of people who are doing a way better job than me (or you) today. Watch these 10 professionals do their job so perfectly and with such precision that it will make you question not just what you can accomplish today, but in your life.


One of our most hated tasks is done so masterfully.

loading a dishwasher


I mean, I can’t even shovel a single hole.

throwing dirt shovel


The original nail gun.

hammering nails fast


I’ll bet the guy from above is in there somewhere!

four guys hammering in stake


And to think, you have troubles backing into a parking space.

truck loading and unloading cotton


This guy makes setting up a breeze! (Probably not his first day on the job.)

unloading chairs


His knife is moving so fast; I can’t tell if he just cut his finger off.

hulling a watermelon


When was the last time you even wrote in cursive, a signature doesn’t count?

painting in script


This bartender makes me want to drink another just to watch that technique again.

pouring drinks


And then there’s this guy. He doesn’t even work there, but thank you!

organized candy walmart


The next time you’re searching for the darkest spot in the office to take a nap, think of these people. Or about the person next to you aiming for your job. Get some motivation and show that day who’s boss!

Last Updated: June 7, 2016
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