5 Ways to Escape Social Media Negativity


Tired of checking Instagram and seeing yet another friend in the tropics? Sure, you’re happy for your friends, but that doesn’t mean you have to see them in their own little Corona commercials on a daily basis. Tired of your d***head uncle clogging your Facebook feed about how great it is that Donald Trump “speaks his mind”?


Time to unplug? It sounds great, but cutting the cord entirely isn’t an option for many people—especially those who work in tech or who don’t want to fall out of touch with family and friends.


While social media is great for fun and for keeping in touch with far-flung chums, it can also become a source of negativity VERY quickly. But don’t despair—you can remedy your social media maladies with this handy list of best practices:


  1. Unfriend people. This one may seem a bit harsh, but that girl you went to high school with doesn’t remember you either. Tip: use the birthday method! Facebook will tell you daily when your friend has a birthday. If you don’t feel compelled to post a cute gif on their wall, or even say the obligatory “Happy birthday!” it’s totally fine to unfriend.
  1. Unfollow people you can’t unfriend. You probably can’t unfriend your aunt just for posting too many pictures of her cat. But ugh, cats, right? Enter the “unfollow” button. Next time you see a picture of Fluffy, just hover in the upper right-hand corner and choose the unfollow option. Your aunt will never know, so no awkward moments at Thanksgiving.
  1. Keep your sense of humor about politics. Fatigued by Slate’s shameless attempts to stir up controversy? Are you SO over divisive politics and the internet’s collective shouting? Head on over to Bernie Sander’s Dank Meme Stash. You’ll find toilet humor, meta-memes, and crowd-sourced creativity, all in a PC-free zone. Not Feeling the Bern? There are plenty of fun groups that are more memes than madness, no matter where you fall on the political spectrum. Find your niche and start enjoying this election year.
  1. One word: Frenchies. Cute animals have been having their moment on the internet pretty much since the beginning. But French Bulldog puppies take cuteness to the extreme. If Tofu the Frenchie doesn’t turn your frown upside down (what kind of a monster are you?!) check out Doug the Pug, Boo the Pom, or, for the true cynic, Grumpy Cat. Follow them all and wait for your feed to improve. You’re welcome.
  1. Join the Pusheen Fan Club! Everyone loves Pusheen. Even Payscale has speculated what she does for a living. She’s bouncy, she’s spirited, and she loves to eat. She’s pretty much the feline Bridget Jones, but without the boy drama. Join the Pusheen Fan Club and behold the last truly uplifting corner of the internet.

Ta-da! Your Facebook feed is now full of wriggly puppies and side-splitting memes. Are you in-the-know about Middle East politics, who won the debate last night, or which friend of yours just got engaged? Well, no, but you’ll find out eventually. Are you the smiling picture of mental health? Why yes, yes you are!

Last Updated: May 24, 2017
About the author

    Samantha Smith

    Sam is a former Washingtonian who spent the first 10 years of her marketing career working in the science, nonprofit, and publishing fields. She moved to Austin in 2015 for the thriving tech scene, abundant breakfast tacos, and beautiful swimming holes.