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Handling Personality Conflicts at Work


Nothing is more frustrating than butting heads with a coworker. It's counterproductive, exhausting, and bad for morale all around. It's important to be able to adapt to working with different personality styles—and to be able to manage the difficult ones. Engaging in #conflict at work, whether you're baited or not, can reflect negatively on you at performance review time. Conflict resolution is a necessary skill in any job. Here are some resources with advice for handling working with a negative or combative person, especially when it affects your own job performance.

Working with someone you hate can be distracting and draining. Pompous jerk, annoying nudge, or incessant complainer, an insufferable colleague can negatively affect your attitude and performance. Instead of focusing on the work you have to do together, you may end up wasting time and energy trying to keep your emotions in check and attempting to manage the person’s behavior. Fortunately, with the right tactics, you can still have a productive working relationship with someone you can’t stand.

At some point in our professional lives, most of us will have to deal with people we just don’t like or can’t seem to get along with. A clash of personalities is most likely at the root of these conflicts. Despite our best efforts, we sometimes just can’t seem to make it work. The unfortunate result is that the quality and enjoyment of our work suffers, and our stress levels skyrocket. In most cases when personality conflicts happen in the workplace, the entire team is disrupted as well.

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The fantasy and frustration captured in the story reflect a workplace truth. In the end—no matter how we refine policies and procedures, no matter how well we train managers or finely construct a job description—we still have to deal with other people. And, as Sartre noted, other people are our hell. Surely he was referring to other people's personalities.

Of course, some selves are more offensive to us than others. Predictably, at one time or another you will share a work team, a cubicle, or a reporting relationship with one of those that offends you. Then you will get to experience first-hand that most commonly reported office problem: the personality conflict.

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Last Updated: August 4, 2017
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