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What Hiring Managers Wish You Knew

Your resume is bland or boring, your objective is outdated, and your cover letter doesn't have a call to action.

Creating the perfect resume can be the most difficult thing to do as you begin your job search. What format? Word or PDF? Both? Photo or no photo? How to customize my cover letter? Why aren't I getting calls or interviews? Summary or objective? Both? It's confusing and there's a lot of conflicting advice, but we're going to help sort it out for you.


The best source for advice on presenting your best self in a document format: Hiring managers. David Hay has a great video on the top mistakes people make in their resumes, how to make yours stand out, and more tips directly from someone who spends a lot of time reviewing them. See what makes hiring managers hit "delete" after reading your cover letter, what makes them read on, and how to customize your resume based on the job description for the position you want.


Want more on how to make your resume stand out? We have that, plus some templates for you to download and use to create the perfect resume for you here!


(Video source: David Hay)

Last Updated: May 24, 2017
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