How to Survive a Company Merger

With a Dell/EMC deal in the works and the announcement of a tentative Anheuser-Busch, InBev and SABMiller #merger, employees and job seekers are wondering what it means for their future job security.

Officials told USA Today that Michael Dell will remain chairman and CEO after the closing and:

“no changes of other top executives are expected. {And} There are no immediate plans for #layoffs related to the transaction.”

Mergers and acquisitions take time, reinforcing a non-immediate impact on low level employees. However; words like “expected,” “immediate,” or “anticipated” are used to reassure employees, but can come across as red flag warnings to start their job search.


Dell and EMC, Anheuser-Busch and SABMiller are some powerhouse companies in the industry, but what happens when a start-up is sought after?


Jeff Silver, CEO of Coyote Logistics (recently acquired by UPS), maintains Coyote will continue to be managed as a subsidiary of UPS and anticipates that current employees of Coyote will be retained to run the division.


According to The Wall Street Journal, analysts worry:

“There is danger of a culture clash. Coyote, launched in 2006, has a startup culture, with a young employee base hired in and trained from scratch. At more than a century old, UPS has more of a militaristic culture built from drivers and package sorters who work their way up the chain.”

Merger announcements or rumors can spark an uncertainty with employees, which in turn causes panic about potential job losses.


What to do if you’re part of a company undergoing a merger (or if you’ve heard rumors of one)?

  • Focus on your job responsibilities and producing high caliber work can help during the transition
  • Update your LinkedIn profile and #resume
  • Reach out to contacts in your industry proactively—you don’t want post-layoff panic to drive your actions—and use the time you have now to reconnect organically
  • Avoid gossip (from others or spreading your own)
  • Remain professional and calm
  • Contact recruiters in your industry to let them know you’re open to opportunities (without bringing rumors into the conversation)
  • Finally, remember that employees who embrace change tend to survive mergers and/or layoffs; being change-resistant can be a career killer.


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Last Updated: August 4, 2017
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