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Nontraditional Occupations Offer New Paths to Success for Women


Unprecedented career opportunities are opening up for women in the skilled trades—occupations where they have historically been underrepresented. In 2014, only 8.9% of workers in the construction industry were women, but there’s good reason for that to change.


Due to retirement and explosive growth, demand for skilled workers in industries, such as welding, HVAC and refrigeration, and electrical installation and repair, is projected to increase dramatically over the next decade. For instance, it’s estimated that there will be a shortage of 400,000 trained welders by 2024, and the demand for HVAC installers and maintenance technicians and electricians will grow by 14%, much higher than average.


Check out this infographic from Tulsa Welding School to learn more about emerging opportunities for women in skilled trades.


Last Updated: July 12, 2016
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