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Why your holiday job search shouldn’t wait (and how it can)


With the holidays just around the corner and a full work-year to wrap up, employers are not looking for new hires until the New Year… Right?


This holiday job search myth, along with many others, may be what’s keeping you from landing your next gig! Despite what you may think, December is actually one of the best months for recruitment and hiring.

So, why shouldn’t you hold off your search until the New Year?

  1. Staffing needs don’t just disappear. In fact, hiring managers and executives are busily planning for the year ahead. And the position they’re looking to fill is probably an integral part of achieving upcoming goals. Yes, some important players may be out of the office, but frequently – especially for competitive, short-list positions – they will make time for the hiring process, even if it means coming back into the office on a vacation day.
  2. Hiring managers have more time. Because some of these main players are on vacation (or simply using their PTO before it expires), projects will most likely be forced into end-of-year-limbo. This means fewer meetings and deadlines, and more calendar openings for resume perusing, phone-call making and interviewing. Make sure your resume isn’t missing from the bunch.
  3. You get a chance to showcase your flexibility and eagerness. Hiring managers and executives expect for this to be a difficult time for scheduling – and again, with key players absent, they’re probably experiencing the same pains. This is your time to shine! When they call to schedule an interview (and they will), show them how flexible you can be and how eager you are to land the position – it’s the best kind of first impression.

Even though you know better (now), we also know better to recognize that between holiday parties and family gatherings, you’ll probably spend more time present-hunting than job-hunting. While your holiday job search may not be in full swing, you can still use this time for preparation to hit the road running in January:

  1. New Year, New Resume. It’s time to take out that trusty ole’ resume for a much-needed revamp. Add new accomplishments, remove irrelevant information, give it a style overhaul – whatever will make it stand out from the crowd. (Pro-tip: Don’t forget to give your cover letter some love too!)
  2. Social Media Makeover. Free-time over the holidays is perfect to finally sit down and untag, untag, untag. Make sure your social media channels are professional (or that your privacy settings are edited). And remember to update your LinkedIn and Google+ profiles with information from your resume, as many recruiters are relying on social platforms as vital tools in the hiring process.
  3. Make a plan. No, we’re not talking about a diet and exercise plan for the New Year. We’re talking about a job search action plan. Revamped resume and cover letter? Check. Social media is recruitment-friendly? Check. Now, figure out who you want to work for and what you want to do. Having a list of companies that interest you and a clear idea of the position you want will help you stay focused in the New Year. It will also ensure that you end up in a job you love instead of a job you happened to get.
  4. Get it out of your system! Want to stay out late on a Tuesday? Sleep in until 1pm? Binge-watch Breaking BadDo it. Because you’ve got roughly two weeks and counting until you have to put your job search blinders on and buckle down. Oh yeah, and don’t forget to spend time with your family too… after all, maybe grandma would like Jesse Pinkman.

Whether you decide to bite the bullet and power through your holiday job search, or pour another glass of eggnog and ponder your future career goals, we wish you the best of luck in your job search and beyond. As always, tweet us with questions or comment below!

Last Updated: June 27, 2017
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