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The New F-Word: The Rise of Fine and How to Stop It


You know that Friday is our favorite F-word, but there’s a new one that is not only becoming increasingly popular, but is spreading mediocrity like a disease in the workplace.




“I’m fine” or “That’s fine;” we are all guilty of saying it and it’s usually when it’s (we’re) not fine.


Fine is such a weak word for describing your feelings in any situation, personal or professional. Saying you are fine with decisions when you aren’t, with a salary you know is less than you deserve, and saying fine to a job because you have no other offers are all things deep down you know aren’t really fine. But you have said it so many times that you’ve convinced yourself that “fine” is acceptable.


You must push yourself to be better. You cannot get what you want out of life by just being fine.


Mel Robbins explains in her TED Talk that “it’s very, very simple to get what you want… but it’s not easy.” You need to push from your daily routine. In order to get something you’ve never had before you are going to have to do something you’ve never done. It’s probably going to be scary, or make you anxious, but the only thing worse than those feelings is being “fine” without it.


Source: Tedx Talks


There is a time and place for hiding your opinions, like when your sister asks about a new dress you absolutely hate, “it’s fine” is an appropriate answer, but work is not the time or place to be just “fine.” You are a valued member of the team and deserve to have an opinion on whatever issue it may be. Once you start realizing you deserve better, you will start to get what you want.


Boredom is the greatest fault in all humans, it’s a sign that you need a change. Your ears, nose, hair, and nails continue to grow your entire time, your soul needs to grow as well. But you will never feel that growth if you don’t force yourself to be uncomfortable. There are things in life that you won’t want to do, that’s where you will find the greatest growth and all the things you want.


Robbins explains that “scientists have crunched the numbers on the odds of you being born. Taking into account all the wars, and natural disasters, and the dinosaurs, and the odds of you being born, at that moment in time, to the parents you were born to, with the DNA structure that you have…one in 400,000,000,000 (400 trillion!).”


That’s amazing!


You are a miracle of sorts, you have ideas that no one else has, ideas that could change the world, you’re a unique individual, and you need to start acting like it. Stop being okay with mediocrity and challenge yourself to be better than just simply “fine.”

Last Updated: April 7, 2016
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