Company Culture


Comfortable is the New Lazy in the Workplace

By Kelly Rinehart / February 2, 2017

When you start a new job, you’re probably a little on edge and wary of making sure you’re on point all the time. You can never make a second first impression! But over time you get more comfortable around the office, and sometimes this comfort leads to low productivity. Avoid these common mistakes to keep […]


Cracking the Office Dress Code: What to Wear?

By Kelly Love Johnson / January 10, 2017

Whether you’re getting ready to make your first impression in a job interview, or ready to start your first day with offer in hand, it’s important to understand the company culture, including its dress code. Depending on your industry, especially if you work in a customer-facing environment, suits and ties or dresses and heels might […]


Interns Say the Darndest Things

By Cally Martin / August 19, 2016

A majority of college seniors are required to have at least a semester of internship hours. The experience of an internship is invaluable. It offers a window into the working world and you get first-hand insight into a company and industry. It truly is an ideal learning experience.   But when the time comes where […]


15 Tweets Too Real for Office Life

By Cally Martin / June 27, 2016

It doesn’t matter what kind of “office” you work in, you’ll be able to relate to some (or all) of these tweets about office life. If you’ve been slacking on Twitter lately, you’ve missed out. Catch up with us here!   Not because I am looking for work to do, just to let you know […]


5 Things You Should Never Talk About in the Workplace

By Alexandra Hoeflicker / June 14, 2016

Getting along with your coworkers is great—they can be friends in the real world or, at the very least, they can make the 9-5 a little more bearable. But being close with your coworkers doesn’t necessarily make it okay to talk about your crazy weekend over your morning coffee.   Here are five conversations you […]


Friendiquette: Who Can I Be Friends with on Social Media?

By Cally Martin / March 11, 2016

So this happens: *1 New Notification… “My MANAGER just requested to be my friend?!” Absolutely not and now I am scouring my Facebook page to figure out what they can see as a non-friend. Why are they searching me? How did they find me? What if I don’t add them? Will they ask me about […]


Millennials are Greedy Because They Can Be

By Cally Martin / March 3, 2016

There are so many articles out there about millennials and how we are spoiled, inconsistent, and blah, blah, blah. Yes, we are those things, but we didn’t get that way by accident.   We’re used to getting everything we want, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that millennials want to have their cake and to […]


What NOT to do at Your Company Holiday Party

By Cally Martin / December 4, 2015

We could list off all the things deemed appropriate for work parties this holiday season, but where’s the fun in that? Instead here is a list of all the things you should definitely NOT do at your #holiday party this year!   Enjoy a glass or two of libations, but do not indulge in the open […]


Is Your Company Prepared for the Millennial Surge?

By Cally Martin / November 1, 2015

There are so many stereotypes for millennials, it’s hard to shake them (mostly because at least one of them is true for each of us). But don’t diminish the work we have done and will do based on them. Those exact stereotypes are what drive us to be innovators, disruptors, and your next amazing employees. […]