7 Email Mistakes That Make You Look Like an Amateur

By Alexandra Hoeflicker / July 21, 2016

So much of what we do at work is done over email, which means that perfecting our email skills is crucial for success in the office. If done wrong, it can make you look like an amateur. If done right, email can be your best friend and WILL make life so much easier.   Here are […]


10 People Doing a Better Job than You

By Cally Martin / June 7, 2016

You know that ecard that perfectly sums up our lives when we feel overwhelmed with life? If you don’t know which one I’m talking about, here it is:   Credit:   We all have those days. I was searching for the best places to sneak in a nap without being noticed, but ended up […]


Calling all Stress Balls: How to be Less Frazzled

By Alexandra Hoeflicker / May 27, 2016

Life can be stressful, but have you ever noticed that some people seem to be perpetually calm? Even in the most out-of-control situations, while the rest of us are frazzled and pulling our hair out, they’re the picture of serenity. Turns out, they’ve got a few tricks up their neatly rolled sleeves. Here are five that […]


Six Easy Ways to Perfect Your Inbox Etiquette

By Alexandra Hoeflicker / May 3, 2016

The average person sends and receives somewhere around 120 emails a day. That’s a pretty surprising statistic, isn’t it?   When you take a few minutes to think about it, it isn’t that shocking. Personally, I have three email accounts, and I usually feel like I can’t step away from any sort of screen for more […]


Sleeping on the Job? How to Stay Alert Without Caffeine

By Cally Martin / April 28, 2016

Coffee this and coffee that…don’t get me wrong, I like to have a nice cup o’ joe in the morning to wake up and get my ass in gear for the day. However, science says that isn’t the best way to stay energized all day. Much to my surprise, chugging a Red Bull at 8 […]


How to Make Your Workspace a Clutter-Free Zone

By Ashley Flowers / April 27, 2016

Picture your desk. Think of how many hours a week you spend there and how it makes you feel. What’s your choice of decor? Are you organized chaos or a “pile person?” Can you find what you need when you need it, or do you have to move your Lego® toys to get to it? […]


Revenge of the Internet: Dealing with an Outage

By Cally Martin / March 21, 2016

Living in a technology-driven world, we are so reliant on having internet access. When it fails, you aren’t sure how exactly to go about your life, let alone your job. This recently happened to us here at Jobs2Careers and as I watched everything unravel it got me thinking. How did we survive before internet?   […]


5 Apps That Will Break Your Post-It Addiction

By Alexandra Hoeflicker / March 1, 2016

I am a person who derives deep satisfaction from filing away paperwork and knowing where every scrap of paper belongs. I use highlighters to color code my grocery lists. I take a lot of pride in my organizational skills. And I really, really love Post-Its.   Earlier this year I started wearing more hats at […]


Hate Springing Forward? 5 Ways to Prepare for Losing an Hour

By Kelly Love Johnson / February 29, 2016

Daylight Saving Time seems to come earlier every year. When we found out it’s going to be on Sunday, March 13 this year, some of us were happy (it stays light later in the day!) and others (mostly me) bemoaned the “lost hour” of sleep and the early morning darkness. If you’re not a morning […]


Multitasking is Killing You—9 Apps to Help You Fight Back

By Kelly Love Johnson / February 19, 2016

Most of us spend our workdays (and nights) bombarded with information—email, social media, coworkers, bosses. Our to-do lists get longer, we get more stressed and less productive. Remember when we used to be proud of our ability to multitask? Turns out, it’s really bad for productivity.   Research conducted at Stanford University found that multitasking […]


5 Easy Ways to Get Out of a Rut

By Kelly Love Johnson / January 12, 2016

We “should” begin the new year with momentum and motivation to burn, but for some of us, the winter blahs drag on until the first blooms of spring. We set goals and expectations, a lot of us actually make a list of New Year’s Resolutions, but the first week of the new year turns into […]


Be Organized: 7 Amazing Tips to Try Right Now

By Kelly Love Johnson / December 8, 2015

You know those frightfully #organized people we’re all jealous of? The ones who have everything at their fingertips, they’re at Inbox Zero 90% of the time, with folders and post-its and color-coded calendars?  Turns out, there’s no “gene” for #organization—which means that organizational skills can be learned. While some people thrive on chaos, most of […]

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