Coffee Break


Stop Calling it a Dream...

By Stephanie Gray / July 10, 2017

We're all about big dreams, but if you want them to become a reality, they have to become a plan.  


Throw Self-Consciousness Out of the Window

By Stephanie Gray / July 7, 2017

We tend to be more concerned about what people think of us than about how we feel. Why not try forgetting about the perception of others and just having fun? Try it for a weekend and see how great you feel.


Sleeping in on the Weekend?

By Stephanie Gray / June 23, 2017

We approve! It's true that you can't make up for lost sleep, but not waking up to an alarm is good for your health. Trust your own circadian rhythm and see how much better you feel!


Good Things Come from Pressure

By Stephanie Gray / June 19, 2017

We hope you take the pressure of this week and turn it into something wonderful that sparkles!


Where to Go From Here...

By Stephanie Gray / June 16, 2017

It doesn't matter what path you take or what road you follow, if you choose the one less taken it won't be boring.  


Welcome to the Finish Line!

By Stephanie Gray / June 9, 2017

This week, we're celebrating our dreams that turned into goals and crossing the finish line. We hope you are too!  


Resolve to Unplug This Weekend...

By Stephanie Gray / June 2, 2017

You'll be amazed how great you feel when your phone isn't dinging or ringing, when you're not checking Facebook or Instagram 20 times a day, and remember what reading an actual book is like. This weekend, why not unplug and restore?  


Monday is Not a Day to Fear...

By Stephanie Gray / May 22, 2017

It's just another opportunity to start off the week by taking charge of your obstacles.  


No Apologies...

By Stephanie Gray / May 19, 2017

Taking time away from your online life or your work life to spend some face-to-face time with the people who really matter should require no apologies.  

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