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Comfortable is the New Lazy in the Workplace


When you start a new job, you’re probably a little on edge and wary of making sure you’re on point all the time. You can never make a second first impression! But over time you get more comfortable around the office, and sometimes this comfort leads to low productivity. Avoid these common mistakes to keep everyone happy and yourself productive.


Talking to coworkers too much.

We all have coworkers who never stop talking. You will most likely make friends at work, but during the workday remember that you're there to work, and can socialize after. If you need to consult with a coworker, keep it on topic. Don't get sidetracked by your personal life, weekend plans, or start talking about other drama. Respect their time and the fact you are getting paid to do your job when you're at the office, so keep the chit-chat to a minimum.


Forever scrolling through social media.

Save your social media for after hours. We're all guilty of wasting a few minutes checking our social feeds, but there's nothing more annoying to a coworker who is slammed with work to walk through the office watching employees scrolling through their personal feeds. If it's your job to be on social media channels all day, be sure to stay on company channels, not your personal. Your Snapchats are probably hilarious, but you’re costing your company money by slacking off.


Not being on time.

We get it. Waking up sucks, but work starts at 9 a.m.—whether you like it or not. The coworkers who are there at 8:45 (or earlier) watching you stroll in even a few minutes past are more than jealous, they are bitter about your abuse of company policy and/or your perceived ability to “get away with it.” Same goes for your 30-minute lunch break. We’re all guilty of the 35-40 minute break every now and then, but when it happens every day, you’re affecting the productivity and workflow in the office. Discipline is important, and at work, keeping everyone on the same schedule allows for better communication and collaboration.


Using your cell phone.

Being able to use your personal cell phone at work is a privilege. It’s nearly impossible to keep people separated from their phones—it's a one-stop shop for everything. Taking personal calls should be kept to emergencies, doctor visits, or other necessary items that can only happen during business hours. However, when you're in a meeting, be in the meeting. If you bring your phone, you’re setting yourself up for distractions. It’s embarrassing to you (and your coworkers) when a question needs to be repeated because you were too busy playing Candy Crush.


I have heard my fair share of “they need me more than I need them” or “I’ve been here for X years so I can do what I want” quips from coworkers. It's important to know that even if your boss is not the one to see you slack off, your coworkers do. And who really wants to be the topic of everyone’s complaints at happy hour!?


Refresh your morning routine, audit your daily work to figure out where you can save time, and refocus your efforts to step up your work game. It will create a better work environment for you and your coworkers.


Last Updated: February 2, 2017
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