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    Kelly Rinehart

    Born & raised in the Midwest, Kelly is a Texas transplant who found her place on the Product & Engineering team here at Jobs2Careers. When not working, you can find Kelly making a mess in the kitchen, exploring the wilderness, or in search of the world’s best margarita.


    Comfortable is the New Lazy in the Workplace

    By Kelly Rinehart / February 2, 2017

    When you start a new job, you’re probably a little on edge and wary of making sure you’re on point all the time. You can never make a second first impression! But over time you get more comfortable around the office, and sometimes this comfort leads to low productivity. Avoid these common mistakes to keep […]


    Fired!? How to Handle an Unexpected Professional Breakup

    By Kelly Rinehart / May 11, 2016

    Losing your job is terrifying. Not only does your ego take a huge hit, but so does your income. Here are a few ways to handle the breakup, plus a few things you should definitely avoid.   DON’T: Do anything rash. Getting drunk and sending a company-wide text message to your (former) team telling them […]