Does Not Compute: Five Million Jobs Lost to Robots?

By Kelly Love Johnson / January 19, 2016

Well, the “Robot Revolution” our grandparents feared has finally arrived. But they’re calling it the “Fourth Industrial Revolution.” According to recent research from the World Economic Forum (WEF), over five million jobs will be lost by 2020 due to developments in nanotechnology, artificial intelligence (AI), genetics, robotics, manufacturing, and other technological developments.   The WEF […]


Where Are All the Millennials?

By Kelly Love Johnson / November 18, 2015

The number of #millennials entering the workforce has gotten lower every year, so what are they doing after #graduation?   “Selfish and entitled” is the label given to millennials by (some) baby boomers, so why would they want to join the workforce right after graduation? There has been a surge in other opportunities (or experiences) that […]


Are You Marginally Attached or Discouraged?

By Kelly Love Johnson / October 13, 2015

The unemployment rate was unchanged at 5.1 percent in September, according to the most recent U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics report. No news is good news, right?   Not exactly. Compared to the recent record in August of 94,031,000 people out of work, the numbers increased by 579,000 in September. The labor force participation rate […]