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    Stephanie Gray

    Stephanie is a born and raised Hoosier, but after moving to Austin, TX in 2013 she fell in love. When not designing sweet graphics you'll find Stephanie binge watching Netflix, baking tasty treats, or taking a hike with her pup Charley.


    Promote What You Love

    By Stephanie Gray / August 21, 2017

    This week, join us in focusing on sharing the things that we love to do, be or make instead of bashing what we don't love.  


    Better Than We Are

    By Stephanie Gray / August 14, 2017

    Work doesn't have to be a ruthless competition. Simply strive to do better this time than the last and success will follow!  


    Hello, Weekend!

    By Stephanie Gray / August 11, 2017

    Whether you're ready to shake off your work week, or searching for jobs all week, work-life balance is still important for your success.


    Your Weekend Plans?

    By Stephanie Gray / August 4, 2017

    Set aside some time this weekend for doing what you truly love!  


    Put Time on Your Schedule for You

    By Stephanie Gray / July 28, 2017

    Whether you're ending a long week of searching for jobs, or wrapping up a tough week at work, self-care is key to successfully managing stress and a busy schedule.


    Stop Calling it a Dream...

    By Stephanie Gray / July 10, 2017

    We're all about big dreams, but if you want them to become a reality, they have to become a plan.  


    Throw Self-Consciousness Out of the Window

    By Stephanie Gray / July 7, 2017

    We tend to be more concerned about what people think of us than about how we feel. Why not try forgetting about the perception of others and just having fun? Try it for a weekend and see how great you feel.

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