The 8 Emotional Stages of Your Job Search


Two of the most dreaded words in the working world: “You’re fired.” And the two that follow: “Job search.” I can hear your disgust from here.


You aren’t alone. We’ve all ridden that emotional rollercoaster. It feels like an eternity, and just when you see the ride operator start to slow it down, the process starts all over again.


Here are the eight stages of your job search in GIFs.


“Job search? Please, this will be easy!”

no big deal



Three hours later…

“Ok, maybe not that easy.”

spongebob waiting


Now the waiting game begins.

cookie monster waiting


Then frustration sets in.

ck louis frustrated


Oh yeah! You got the call! Interview time!

kenan and kell excited


The waiting game continues.

titanic waiting


“Whaaaaat!? I didn’t get the job!?”

pug dog waiting


Deep breath. You’ll get the next one!    

deep breath waiting


Now get back to your job search. And check out more on Jobs2Careers/Advice for tips and tricks to nail your dream job.  

Last Updated: September 13, 2016
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