5 Ways to Master the Interview Before Your Job Search

By Mark Anthony Dyson / April 24, 2017

More than ever, job seekers must be proficient at interviewing. In fact, it's likely every networking opportunity is an essential job conversation. It may be the interaction to decide your next step, so you want to be interview ready.   The interview process is no longer a one and done meeting.  In Lavie Margolin's latest […]


5 Guidelines for Effective Post-Interview Follow Up

By Jessica Holbrook Hernandez / March 8, 2017

Sending a well-crafted letter of appreciation after an interview is a terrific way to show a potential employer your gratitude, remind them of who you are, and stand out among the other applicants. But navigating the rules for sending a courteous and timely thank-you letter can be tricky. From a quick email to traditional handwritten […]


Eight Job Seekers Who Got Hired Anyway

By Cally Martin / February 21, 2017

You go through so many interviews during a job search it becomes almost routine. Sometimes you decide to have a little fun with it. And sometimes you do things you don’t even realize until you’re walking out and you tell yourself, “I definitely will not be getting that job.”   Well, you’re not alone. Here […]


The New Interview Basics Aren’t So Basic

By Cally Martin / November 1, 2016

Standard interview advice can be so basic and repetitive. Firm handshake. Extra copies of your resume. Dress nicely. Smile. But do you want to know what HR and anyone else involved in the hiring process is really thinking?     I’m not in HR, but I am involved in the interview process and it’s completely […]


Tech Job Interviews: Are You Prepared?

By Dave Fecak / October 20, 2016

Programmers, developers, coders and information tech pros have a different set of obstacles for interviews. If you’re used to sitting across the desk from an interviewer and catching softball questions, scrap everything you know about the interview process.   When it comes to technical interviews, you are at the mercy of the interviewers. You could […]


How to Replace the 5 Worst Words Used in Resumes

By Cally Martin / June 27, 2016

Straight from an HR professionals mouth, don’t be cheesy when it comes to your resume.   One way to build a quality resume is to make it stand out by using action examples versus cheesy, over-used generics.   We all know that including anything incriminating and untrue on your resume isn’t going to get you […]


If the Shoe Fits: How to Know if a Company is Right for You

By Alexandra Hoeflicker / April 11, 2016

On paper, the job seemed perfect. The position was completely in line with my background, the responsibilities were right up my alley, and the office had a well-stocked kitchen that would satisfy my every snack craving. Sounds like a dream job, right? There was only one small problem: I simply didn’t mesh with the company culture. They favored a […]


15 Unusually Creative Ways to Land a Job

By Kelly Love Johnson / March 25, 2016

Even as the job market improves, jobs seekers are finding more and more creative ways to land a job in competitive fields. Video resumes, interactive personal websites, leasing a billboard advertising a resume outside of a potential employer's office...they're definitely raising the bar for the rest of us. Sure, most companies expect a traditional resume […]


One Unbelievable Way to Blow a Job Interview

By Kelly Love Johnson / March 18, 2016

There are a lot of ways to do it, but we’d like to talk about the worst: Be “too enthusiastic.”   Don’t get me wrong, being super excited about a job opportunity is a good thing. Just make sure that your enthusiasm translates into excitement and energy, not desperation. It’s a fine line, but there’s […]


Call Me, Maybe? How to Rock Your Post Interview Follow Up

By Cally Martin / February 23, 2016

Playing the waiting game after a job interview is a huge pain point for job seekers. You walk out of your interview like a boss and you’re still waiting to hear back a week later. What are the appropriate steps to follow up without being annoying?   We asked our own human resources manager to […]


A Few Easy Tips to Crush Job Interview Anxiety

By Kelly Love Johnson / February 10, 2016

While you can't completely eliminate the interview jitters, you can manage them and feel more confident as a result. Anxiety isn’t always a bad thing. It can come in handy for a burst of extra energy and focus, like when you have a tight deadline or are being chased by a tiger. The latter doesn't happen quite […]


The Best Answer to the Most Common Interview Question

By Kelly Love Johnson / January 28, 2016

The one question that always comes up in some form: "Why should we hire you?" If you've been thrown by this one before, we found some great advice that won't leave you stammering when your potential employer pops the question. In this video, the Ohio State University Fisher College of Business Career Management Office and representatives […]

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