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Create a Resume Guaranteed to Get a Response


Imagine you're a recruiter for a moment.


You advertised an open position, and now your inbox is filled to the brim with applications. Look at the messages from candidates. You'll see that they all have the same title and content. They most likely include a generic resume as well.


Knowing how to make a resume that catches the eye of recruiters is just one element in the job-hunting game. You also have to know how to send a resume to a recruiter. Otherwise you run the risk that it will get lost in their inbox and never land in their hands.


Here are four tips to help you email your resume to recruiters in a way that will make you stand out from other candidates.


Write an Attention-Grabbing Subject Line. Here's How.

If an employer has provided any instructions on how to send your resume in the job post, follow them. Otherwise, your message might get lost and never land in the right inbox. Candidates usually need to include specific information, such as a reference number or the name of the position, in the subject line of their message. But there's still room for creativity.


If you have space, you can add unique details about yourself in the subject line. For example, “Creative Director, 6 years of agency experience.” That's how you ensure that your email doesn't get lost in the crowd of others.


Choose the Right Names for Your Files.

Candidates rarely consider the names of their files before attaching them to an email. Sending a message with files such as “Resume1” or “resume_copy” doesn't make a good first impression. It shows that you don't care enough about the opportunity, or pay no attention to detail. Name your files in a uniform way, for example:





To make them even more unique, add the company’s name as well. That way recruiters will be aware that you've matched these files to this particular job posting.


Create Engaging Email Content.

Recruiters are bound to read the content of your message before downloading your resume. So every sentence should motivate them to open your files. Some candidates send an empty email with a resume dangling in the attachment. They shouldn't expect to make a good first impression. Recruiters who receive a message like that won't be motivated to check out the resume.


If you didn't care enough to write a simple message, why should they take the effort to read your resume? Use the right salutation (try to use the hiring manager’s name), refer to the job posting, and shortly state your motivation for applying. That's how you'll stand out from other candidates.


Be sure to give recruiters a good reason to invite you to a job interview by including some essential facts from your professional experience.


Learn More About the Receiver.

Candidates usually send their resumes to general email addresses. But it's a good idea to know who will be receiving your message. Trying to find this information will take some time, but it's worth it. If you make the effort to address the message to the right person, there's a higher chance that they'll respond. Why not have a look at LinkedIn to check who handles recruiting at the organization you're targeting? They might advertise the position on their profiles. 


If you can't find the recruiter, call the company to find out who is responsible for filling the position. If you're forced to send an email to a general mailing address, your message must grab the recruiter's attention at the very least or it will get lost among hundreds of other emails.


Key Takeaway:

On average, a job search takes 43 days


How can you make the process shorter? By sending your resume in a personalized message. Don't forget to attach a great resume and cover letter. Because what's the point of crafting an awesome email only to have the recruiter open a poorly structured resume?


A personalized email will send the right message to recruiters, boosting your response rate and landing you more job interviews than ever.

Last Updated: May 24, 2017
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