Elon Musk's Resume of Failures (Infographic)

By Tomas Ondrejka / May 11, 2017

 How would you feel if every time you failed a space shuttle would explode? Would you try to do anything ever again? Chances are that probably not.   Elon Musk, on the other hand, seems to enjoy the challenge.   Even before he became the world's greatest supplier of spectacular explosions, Musk's failures were no […]


7 Things You Should Never Include on a Resume

By Natalya Khaykis / May 9, 2017

Let’s face it, very few people really enjoy writing a resume. A quick web search on “how to write a resume” brings up tons of articles that often contradict each other when it comes to “best practices.” What do you include on a resume? What’s outdated and better left off? Well, we’re going to make […]


Create a Flawless Resume With These Editing and Proofreading Tips

By Mary Walton / April 14, 2017

It’s an unfortunate truth that when we apply for a job, we are going up against dozens of qualified candidates, and all we have to distinguish ourselves is a couple of sheets of paper. A resume is often the very first impression you will make on a business, and unless you can blow your potential […]


How to Make an Emotional Connection in a Cover Letter

By Geoff Scott / March 3, 2017

Today, landing a job isn’t usually as simple as walking into a store and asking for work. Modern technology has made applying for a new position much easier, but it has also expanded competition by an enormous degree. How can we make our applications stand out from droves of other applicants?   One effective way […]


How to Show Remote Work Experience on a Resume

By Felix T / January 24, 2017

The first question you might ask is “Why should I show remote work experience on my resume?” First off, let’s define what remote work means. It’s paid undertakings; jobs whether as projects or contracted work that are conducted online from a remote location.   Remote workers are alternatively referred to as virtual assistants, freelancers, home-based […]


5 Tips to Get Your Resume Past an ATS

By Natalya Khaykis / December 15, 2016

Job hunting has really evolved with the advance of recruiting technology. Employers no longer sift through tons of resumes to find potential candidates as the process is time consuming, inefficient and expensive. The solution to this is an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) which uses software to scan resumes before they’re ever seen by an employer. […]


Create a Resume Guaranteed to Get a Response

By Natalie Severt / November 11, 2016

Imagine you're a recruiter for a moment.   You advertised an open position, and now your inbox is filled to the brim with applications. Look at the messages from candidates. You'll see that they all have the same title and content. They most likely include a generic resume as well.   Knowing how to make a […]


The Cover Letter That Will Make Your Resume Stand Out

By James Innes / November 4, 2016

As research has indicated that 93% of hiring managers like to see a cover letter (or email) with a resume, it is clear that the cover letter still has an important role to play in the recruitment process and needs to be taken seriously.   When it comes to customizing your cover letter to a […]


4 Tips to Explain a Gap in Your Employment History

By Tomas Ondrejka / October 28, 2016

Even the most hardworking, skilled or experienced person might end up unemployed for some period of time. If this recently happened to you, don’t despair. If you handle the situation right, you can certainly get any job you want even with a gap in your resume.   There are plenty of reasons for career gaps. […]


24 Career Experts Share Their Top Resume Tips

By Kelly Love Johnson / October 26, 2016

The first step in your job search is writing (or updating) your resume, and it’s also the most difficult. We asked 24 of the top career experts for their best advice for creating your resume and their answers are like a master class in resume creation. They’re not just career experts, they’re highly experienced Certified […]


Your Terrible Cover Letter is Ruining Your Perfect Resume

By Phil Colicchio / June 15, 2016

First things first, you must send a cover letter. Even if the job ad doesn’t specifically request one, it’s always a good idea. It’s your opportunity to show your personality, highlight your achievements, and make a great pitch as to why you’re perfect for the job.   If you're wondering why your amazing resume isn’t […]


Make Your Resume Stand Out, Not Get Tossed Out

By Cally Martin / January 29, 2016

  Are you sick of staring at the same old resume?   Are you worried your resume continues to get overlooked because it’s so basic and boring?   Has anyone ever told you that it doesn’t matter how your resume looks, as long as the experience and skills are there?   It depends on the job, […]

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