3 Ways the Computer is Hurting Your Job Search

By Laura Simms / September 16, 2016

If you’ve been job searching, you know what an amazing tool the computer is. You can look for and apply to jobs 24/7 while you sit on your couch in pajamas. Perk! But if you’re not careful, the computer can actually hurt your job search. Make sure you steer clear of these three mistakes to […]


Do You Really Need an Internship?

By Cally Martin / June 20, 2016

Your college professors, advisors, friends, and parents told you getting an internship is the only way to get a job and the experience of a job before you enter the workforce after graduation.   Is that really the case for everyone? Probably not.   Call me a hypocrite, because I had two internships throughout my […]


Did You Miss That “How to Get a Job” Class in College?

By Alexandra Hoeflicker / May 24, 2016

Research shows that it takes anywhere from three to nine months for a college graduate to land their first job. If you’ve already begun the search for your coveted first position, you already know that those months can stretch out to feel like an absolute eternity. Yes, your job search will be stressful and it will test […]


Summer Isn’t Just for Beaches and Margaritas…

By Cally Martin / March 24, 2016

Summer can be the perfect time to search for your next career! If you are one of the many millennials who have self-diagnosed FOMO and dread the thought of a typical 9-5 job because it doesn’t quite fit in with your plan, seasonal summer work just might be for you. Similar to the holiday season, […]


Unpaid Work That Could Actually Land Your Dream Job

By Cally Martin / February 26, 2016

Some career experts debate about whether or not to include your volunteer work in the relevant experience section of your resume. If you have 30 years of work experience in a field you love, you probably don’t need it. But in a lot of circumstances, it can be extremely beneficial.   Mind the Gap Did […]


Tell Me About Yourself: 5 Tips for a Perfect Elevator Pitch

By Cally Martin / February 18, 2016

We’re all familiar with elevator music, but the last thing you want is to put someone to sleep when you’re trying to tell them why you are a good job candidate. So how is your “elevator pitch?”   “Tell me about yourself” is the most common interview question, but is also the most difficult to answer. […]


Who Are You and Why Should I Recommend You?

By Kelly Love Johnson / February 15, 2016

First, let’s break down the difference between references and recommendations.   References are what you provide once your potential employer has expressed interest (as opposed to listing them on your resume, which has become outdated or redundant). Today’s hiring managers or recruiters will often ask for specific references—for example: “one former coworker, one former direct […]


How to Get Hired from Miles Away

By Cally Martin / November 12, 2015

Searching for jobs out of state? We have some tips to give you an edge on getting noticed by hiring managers (and getting hired) no matter where you live! In college we don’t have the same perspective as we do a few years into our careers. College is where you find yourself, career path, and dream […]


How to Survive a Company Merger

By Kelly Love Johnson / October 15, 2015

With a Dell/EMC deal in the works and the announcement of a tentative Anheuser-Busch, InBev and SABMiller #merger, employees and job seekers are wondering what it means for their future job security. Officials told USA Today that Michael Dell will remain chairman and CEO after the closing and: “no changes of other top executives are […]