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    Cally Martin

    Cally is the Marketing Specialist, social media lover, blog writing boss, and event planner extraordinaire at Jobs2Careers. She will definitely ask to pet your dog, try to convince you to run a 5K because three miles “isn’t that bad", and will always say yes to a mimosa brunch.


    Eight Job Seekers Who Got Hired Anyway

    By Cally Martin / February 21, 2017

    You go through so many interviews during a job search it becomes almost routine. Sometimes you decide to have a little fun with it. And sometimes you do things you don’t even realize until you’re walking out and you tell yourself, “I definitely will not be getting that job.”   Well, you’re not alone. Here […]


    At Work With Lisa Cummings, Leader of Strengths

    By Cally Martin / February 14, 2017

    Lisa Cummings is the creator of Lead Through Strengths, where she helps people find and leverage their strengths at work specifically, but translates them to their personal lives as well.   She has 20 years of experience and practice in building strengths instead of fixing and filling gaps within yourself. Lisa uses her own strengths […]


    Four Questions with Amy Wolfgang: Giving Yourself Permission

    By Cally Martin / February 1, 2017

    We recently published the best New Year’s resolutions to make this year for your career. We had so much great advice from industry experts and wanted to follow up to get more information on trends and actionable plans. You have your goals, but how do you keep them top of mind and follow through? This […]


    How to Nail Perfect Grammar Even if You Slept Through Grade School

    By Cally Martin / December 30, 2016

    Don’t end a sentence with a preposition…   Between the deep dark of the internet and the screenshots your friends take, nothing is ever forgotten. Especially the improper use of the English language.   We all know someone (and if you’re lucky, it’s you) who has impeccable grammar and spelling skills, but they abuse their […]


    36 Top Experts on the Best Career Resolutions for 2017

    By Cally Martin / December 21, 2016

    Every year we make New Year’s resolutions like “eat healthy” and “run five miles a week” and “volunteer,” things that are usually manageable until the middle of February. Wouldn’t it be great if they made it through the entire year!?   This year, instead of trying to make it to the gym every day, consider […]


    Letting Go: The Only Way to Feel Successful in Life

    By Cally Martin / December 15, 2016

    Like all millennials, I had a mid-twenties crisis after graduation when my life plan fell apart (not to be dramatic or anything.) I ate a lot of cheesecake and ran a half marathon—and guess what? It didn’t help. Everyone said something similar to “it’ll all work out” and I was not having it. But I […]


    What’s Not Working—the Company, the Work, or You?

    By Cally Martin / December 2, 2016

    On paper the job description and company seemed ideal…then you started. You did all the right things, asked the right questions, aligned with your manager and coworkers, and now you’re fully immersed in the job, but there couldn’t be more of a disconnect.   There are a few reasons why the position isn’t a fit: […]


    33 Career Experts Share Their Best Advice for Your Holiday Job Search

    By Cally Martin / November 28, 2016

    The holidays can get overwhelming, add in the unemployment factor and they can be downright unbearable. Just because it’s the holiday season that doesn’t mean you should be pausing the pursuit of your dream job!   We asked industry experts for their best advice on revamping your job search tactics (and maintaining positivity) during the […]


    The 5 Health Benefits of Thanksgiving Dinner (and Your Career)

    By Cally Martin / November 22, 2016

    Thanksgiving is a time for family, food, and football. But let’s not forget about your health and well-being!   Here are some of the health benefits of our favorite (traditional) Thanksgiving foods and why they are so crucial to our careers.     Cranberries “…intake of cranberry extracts has shown the ability to improve multiple […]


    At Work With Ralph Wakerly, Healthcare Industry Expert

    By Cally Martin / November 9, 2016

    As President of Wakerly Partners, Inc. and C-Suite Resources, Inc., Ralph Wakerly, has spent the better part of his career helping individuals and companies to achieve success.     After spending years working in large (and small) corporate companies, in 2002 he branched out on his own. Wakerly Partners provides the essential knowledge of success […]


    The New Interview Basics Aren’t So Basic

    By Cally Martin / November 1, 2016

    Standard interview advice can be so basic and repetitive. Firm handshake. Extra copies of your resume. Dress nicely. Smile. But do you want to know what HR and anyone else involved in the hiring process is really thinking?     I’m not in HR, but I am involved in the interview process and it’s completely […]

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